With an impressive legacy of over 25 years, Land-Con stands tall as a leading landscaping company serving Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and now serving the Barrie, Kitchener, and Oakville area.

Our wealth of experience positions us as experts in turning your landscaping vision into a stunning reality.

Our Landscaping Portfolio:

Residential Projects:

In our realm of Residential Landscape Projects, Land-Con thrives on overcoming any landscaping challenge presented to us. Whether faced with sloped yards, uneven terrain, or limited space, we’ve navigated and conquered every obstacle. Our extensive portfolio stands as a testament to our versatility, showcasing a diverse range of solutions that span from the most modern and cutting-edge designs to timeless pools and cabanas. We always strive to build the most elegant and functional spaces for our clients.

Our dedication to excellence extends beyond traditional residential spaces to encompass outdoor landscapes for condo terraces. In every residential project we undertake, our goal is clear: to harmoniously blend functionality and aesthetics, creating spaces that not only meet the unique needs of our clients but also elevate their living environments to new heights. At Land-Con, no challenge is too great, and no detail is too small when it comes to crafting elegant and functional residential landscapes.

Commercial Projects:

For businesses, landscaping is a powerful means of showcasing personality and values. With Land-Con’s track record of creating award-winning landscape architecture projects, your commercial space can elevate its identity to unimaginable heights. Explore our portfolio to discover the breadth of services we offer for commercial landscaping, each designed to make a lasting impression.

At Land-Con, we are dedicated to bringing your landscaping dreams to life. Whether it’s a residential oasis or a commercial showcase, our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that every project reflects the unique character and vision of our clients.