2018 Provincial Award of Excellence Winner

Forest Hill Estate - Modern Backyard Transformation
Forest Hill Estate project involved modern backyard landscaping with a pool

About the Project :

Built in a newer sub-division in Richmond-Hill, the goal of this project was to create a space for our client’s big family to enjoy together. They had a vision of a multi-tier living space built with multiple materials, surrounded by lush plants. Clean lines shown in a simple yet elegant design was important to their life style. This had to be implemented with warm colours and textures, then complimented with contrasting colours and lines to tie the space together, while keeping in mind the style of the home.

When the designer arrived, the site had an existing concrete pool as well as a curvy raised terrace built with chiseled and tumbled stone. During the first consultation, the home owner had a dream of a completely modern renovation to his back yard, including getting rid of all existing elements (except the pool). After seeing these conditions, the designers vision was able to change the mind of the home owner. The house is built from beautiful natural stone, and has a very traditional feel mixed with modern elements such as large square windows. Because of this style, and the designers idea to keep all existing walls, the design was formed. A completely modern lower landscape beside the pool which would smoothly blend into the more traditional, organic shapes near the house. The most pleasing transition point being the large curved cut in the stone as you come off the straight line pool walkway towards the steps up to the patio.

Site Challenges and Solutions:

  • Existing landscape features were to remain and new stone be incorporated

  • Difficult access

  • Drainage issues were addressed through slopes and garden space. Pond over-flow system was included

Forest Hill Fusion – Landscape Design Work

Special Features:

  • large sitting areas

  • elegant walkways

  • koi pond / living ecosystem waterfall with a fire bowl feature

  • large pool and hot tub (by others)

  • 8′ x 12′ cabana / pool house

  • 70 long x 8′ tall Ivy green living screen

  • mature trees (installed and existing)

  • lots of landscape lighting

  • irrigation

  • grass pool deck for lounge chairs

  • upper deck for a brilliant view of the landscape.

Forest Hill Estate (4)
Forest Hill Estate (10)

Construction Progress

Forest Hill Estate - Before (7)

The 18 x 38 concrete pool was constructed first to set the grade for the lower tier patio and surrounding area. Natural stone coping was installed and border line tile.

Forest Hill Estate - Before (6)

The site was excavated, and base material was brought in. Forms were set as per the design for the concrete sub base that was laid under the precast concrete slabs.

Forest Hill Estate - Before (3)

new stone copings were laid on the existing wall, and the concrete slabs were scribed to fit into the footprint.

Forest Hill Estate - Before (8)

30 piees of 4′ x 8′ living ivy screen wall was set throughout the design to create a green wall long the fence. This was uplit for added effect. Tall grasses planted inside the pool side planters, and a mixture of perennial grasses and flowering shrubs were chosen for the pallet for year round interest.

Forest Hill Estate - Before (1)

Concrete formed behind the pool allowed for 3 symmetrical gardens to be installed behind the pool for added design interest.

Forest Hill Estate - Before (5)

The existing raised patio wall was kept, and a new garden wall built infront of it in the same shape to follow and compliment the existing design. New interlocking slabs were laid to update the look, and perfectly cut to follow the contour of curved retaining wall.

Forest Hill Fusion – Virtual Design Walkthrough