About the Project:

In the heart of Newmarket’s Wyndham village, a once-dormant backyard underwent a stunning metamorphosis. The elegant home, nestled in prestige, had a tired pool, crumbling stairs, and a lack of privacy and entertainment space. The transformation began with a bold move—massive demolition.

The pool, with its worn-out features, was revitalized. New pool lines and stairs breathed life back into its aging structure. The addition of lights and a fresh liner restored its former glory. But the project went beyond the pool.

Custom-designed privacy screens strategically placed transformed the space, offering seclusion where it was lacking. Elevation challenges were met with a retaining wall, reinstalling fencing, and the integration of these elegant privacy screens.

The true showstopper emerged in the entertainment realm. A feature wall, adorned with a TV and fireplace, became the focal point. A retractable awning provided flexibility, allowing the owner to dance between shade and sunlight. And then, a touch of innovation—a motorized aluminum pergola with a roll-down screen, creating an oasis that adapted to the whims of weather and mood.

Challenges were faced head-on. Pool renovations demanded precision, while elevation discrepancies required creative solutions. Yet, amidst the challenges, the result was a backyard masterpiece.

Special features told the tale of meticulous planning. Custom aluminum panels added a personal touch to the privacy screens. The motorized pergola stood as a testament to innovation, creating an outdoor haven with a touch of magic.

In the end, what was once a lackluster backyard emerged as an exquisite retreat, where each element told a story of transformation, challenges conquered, and a touch of luxury under the open sky.