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Landscaping includes everything that helps your backyard, front yard, and your entire property stand out. If you are thinking of deciding between doing it yourself or hiring a professional landscaper, it is crucial to keep in mind that landscaping can be a time-consuming process. Furthermore, it requires planning and working with advanced tools and equipment.

Land-Con is one of the leading landscaping companies in Woodbridge with over 25 years of experience in the field. We have qualified architects, designers, and landscapers in Woodbridge to help you create the perfect backyard oasis or an impressive front yard. We will work to meet all your landscaping needs.

Get Extensive Landscape Designs in Woodbridge

Crafting an aesthetically pleasing landscape requires experience and expertise. Whether it is constructing a swimming pool or building hardscape features, our landscapers in Woodbridge will ensure you get the desired results. We will work to enhance the value of your home. Our services include both softscaping and hardscaping for properties of all sizes. In addition to this, we also provide personalized packages that meet varied budgets and design preferences.

Customizable Landscaping Services in Woodbridge

At Land-Con, we consider your functional and aesthetic needs to provide you with the landscape that you’ve always envisioned. Our skilled professionals will discuss your needs, assess your property, provide you with a landscape design, guide you through the process, and ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. Whether you want a contemporary space or a natural setting with water features, we have the tools and expertise to design a customizable landscape in Woodbridge that enhances your curb appeal and offers a fabulous view.

Our Landscaping Services

  • Backyard and Front Yard Landscaping
  • Swimming Pool Landscaping and Installation
  • Installing and Constructing Outdoor Structures, such as Decks, Pergolas, Outdoor Kitchens, Gazebo, and more
  • Creating Driveways, Walkaways, and More
  • Installing Outdoor Lightings

Landscaping Woodbridge

Call Us to Transform Your Home’s Landscape in Woodbridge!

We are a well-established, award-winning landscaping company in Woodbridge committed to providing the best services. We understand that every home has unique functional and design preferences. No matter how big or small your yard is, you can rely on our expert designers to create a perfect outdoor space that meets your needs.

For more queries, call us at 416.504.5263 or drop us an email at to learn more about our unique and tailored landscaping solutions in Woodbridge.

Top Questions About Our Landscaping Services in Woodbridge

Do You Offer Professional Support for Landscaping in Woodbridge?

Yes, we offer complete professional support to ensure that you get your dream yard. From initial design to maintenance services, we provide a range of services with a team of dynamic architects and designers to meet your design needs.

Do You Also Offer Landscaping Services For Small Backyards?

Yes, we also offer landscaping services for small backyards in Woodbridge. Our experienced professionals will assess your property and provide personalized services to transform your yard into a beautiful oasis.

Can You Install Outdoor Lightings?

At Land-Con, we also offer professional outdoor lighting services to ensure that your landscape design in Woodbridge looks great even after dark. From improving the safety of your walkways to installing accent lightings for aesthetic appeal, we have the expertise and the experience to design an outdoor lighting system that matches your modern landscaping needs.

Will You Provide a Quote?

Yes, after assessing your needs, we will offer you a quote so you know what to expect. As a reputable landscape company in Woodbridge, we believe in honesty and transparency. Hence, we will provide you with complete support to solve your queries and ensure that you are satisfied with our services.