4 Seasons Estate Backyard Landscaping

About the Project:

The backyard of this residential project really has that “wow” factor. We were handed the basic layout from the client, and asked for a quote. After some discussion, and a really good connection between the client and our team, we were commissioned to do the work and adjust the design, plus help choose materials and finishes. With what started out as a 3 season Loggia extension, this project grew as we started to build. The client decided during construction that he wanted it to be a 4 season room — which meant insulating and heating the floor, as well as insulating the roof and increasing the thickness of the bi-folding glass doors to keep in the heat. The planters flanking the sides of the staircase frame this gorgeous extension, and the 30′ long steps create a very grand look. A decision to convert the indoor fireplace into a double sided fireplace was the cherry on top. As you walk in the front door of this house, you can now see through the fireplace, into the loggia and out to the pool! The team built a 16 x 35′ cabana with a bathroom, as well as an outdoor kitchen and fire pit. The planting pallet was revised and chosen by the home owner, as she wanted her own personal touch on the job.

Site Problems:

  • Lengthy permitting process was achieved with multiple revisions and engineering stamps.
  • Difficult house contours made it tricky to fit the roof against the house


  • 20 x 40 pool and water feature
  • 16 x 35 cabana
  • outdoor kitchen
  • 650 sq.ft 4 season loggia addition with double sided fireplace and bi-folding opening doors
  • Fire pit
  • Full front yard renovation and asphalt driveway
  • Irrigation system
  • Landscape Lighting

Client Testimonial

“Taylor was always calm and patient and we enjoyed working with him.”
– Suhan and Jessica S

4 Seasons Estate – Landscape Design Work

Construction Progress

Construction Progress_1

A large excavation kept the crew busy for the first few days of this project. Concrete forms were made for the front pillars and feature walls.

Construction Progress_3

The large scale property enabled our team to load tri-axel trucks directly on the driveway which kept the project running smoothly and with efficiency.

Construction Progress_5

Extensive footings were excavated for support of the loggia / 4 season room addition. This footing would support the concrete slab that would be the base for the room.

Construction Progress_7

Stairs were built between two planter boxes that would flank the ends of the grand entrance. They were faced with stone to match the house.

Construction Progress_9

The cabana design was constructed, and the kitchen installed beside to create an outdoor entertainment area. The stone patter was carried throughout the design in the front, sides and back yard. Black stripe on top with beige tones in the center.

Construction Progress_2

The existing staircase tile was chiseled off and the concrete was cleaned for the application of new stone facing. A precast concrete block system was used to build the front pillars and a double sided block system for the walls. .

Construction Progress_4

After constructing the pool, we were able set all the heights for the surrounding stone work as well as the loggia extension. Large excavators were used for further digging.

Construction Progress_6

The engineered footing and concrete slab was poured with rebar spaced according to the specifications. A heating system was laid into the flooring to keep the space warm in the winter months.

Construction Progress_8

Construction of the roof began, which had an insulated ceiling. We broke into the house and created a double sided fire place that could be seen on both sides.

Construction Progress_10

Bi-folding glass doors were installed on the loggia to keep the space warm in the winter, but enable the space to be fully open in the spring and summer months.