About the Project:

This large yard with a steep slope created a unique opportunity to use elevations to delineate different spaces in the landscape, creating interest, rather than having one very large patio at grade. Our design incorporated a lounging platform overlooking the pool, with a spectacular waterfall and fire feature. The beautiful natural armor stone wall and the addition of the pavilion creates multiple areas to enjoy different views of the property and the surrounding landscape.

Site Challenges:

  • Grades: The existing landscape featured a steep slope, with the house set at the bottom. We used the slope to our advantage. A grade cut created a level area for the patio and pool area. behind the pool, we created a raised lounging platform, with water and fire features that created a peaceful ambience in the yard day and night. Behind the raised lounge platform we installed an armour stone retaining wall to support the edge of the slope, also creating an area for lush plantings.
  • Tight timeline: The clients wanted a to host their annual summer party and we promised we could deliver this project in 6 weeks. This proved to be a challenge, requiring careful coordination of permits, inspections, and material deliveries. But in the end, we delivered a week early, which enabled their daughter to celebrate her 12th birthday with a swim in the new pool.
  • High water table: After cutting into the grade and digging down for the pool, we revealed that there was a high-water table which would create issues for constructing the pool. Extra excavation was required, along with additional machinery, constantly pumping out the water and installation of a pump vault to manage the water on the site while we built the pool, and once it was complete.

Key Features:

  • Large 40′ x 20′ x 10′  L-shaped pool
  • 6’ tall armour stone retaining wall
  • 40’ long waterfall featuring firebowls for ambience
  • Raised lounge deck to overlook the pool, created with PVC decking
  • Pavilion
  • Lighting and irrigation
  • Planting