About the Project:

Sometimes a very simple design can be the most effective. Our designer created a very intricate initial concept that fulfilled the clients’ wish list perfectly, and they were thrilled. As we started selecting materials and finishes, the clients decided to simplify the design by removing some of the landscape features, and instead turn their focus to high-end materials and finishes to bring the wow-factor they were looking for.

This project looks very simple, but the choice of materials, colours and patterns make it stunning. Black natural stone pool coping, with stunning blue tile in the concrete pool all combined with beige flooring, deep green artificial turf and an awesome modern shed really make this project pop. The pool patio slit drain is almost invisible, and the frameless glass fence with high-end furniture really make this project a timeless modern classic. We have to agree – the clients vision became a striking reality. Simply a stunning modern space.

Site Challenges:

  • Tight access: this urban home is positioned very close to the neighbour. The neighbour would not allow us to cross the property line with any machinery or materials, so all machinery had to be craned in. Fill from the pool excavation and new materials to construct the landscape were brought into the backyard with a conveyor belt, making each of these processes take much more coordination and time than normal.
  • Grading: A completely flat backyard posed an issue for drainage. We built a slit drain system that exited into a French drain which carried water from the patio as a downspout from the home.
  • Achieving an impeccable finish: a frameless glass fence needed to be installed onto a concrete slab for stability, and to ensure the unfamed glass had ample support to withstand our Canadian freeze and thaw cycles. That part was easy. The challenge was to make it look like the railing was built into the interlock patio instead of an unsightly concrete slab. The skill of our masonry team ensured this turned out perfectly.

Key Features:

  • Concrete pool with natural stone coping
  • Stack pattern large slab patio
  • Frameless glass fence
  • Modern shed / storage area
  • Custom build bench to hide the posts from the existing deck
  • Lighting and irrigation
  • Planting