About the Project:

This Kleinburg design+build turned out to be quite a unique looking space. The colour pallet of charcoal, grey and red is the perfect compliment to the home. The designers unique flooring pattern consisted of multiple stone types to define the patios — red brick herringbone for a 10 person dining table, perpendicular runningbond for walkways, and parallel running bond for the outdoor seating area. The fully equipped kitchen ensures their family can cook mass amounts of delicious cuisine. But perhaps the most interesting feature of all is the pergola and decorative metal screen. This structure is built from stained rough douglas fir, with accents of dark stained trim pieces. The unique privacy screen idea from the designer showcases horizontal metal flat bars of different lengths, staggered across the wood posts. This will act initially as a metal screen design, but will soon be covered with climbing hydrangea as they grow and climb the screen. The front yard features a simple yet elegant walkway around the side, with a newly finished porch, and a rusty metal planter to tie in the red brick of the home. A contemporary / traditional planting pallet compliments the modern design, and ensures year round interest, while the serviceberry clump trees thrive in the wet swale, and create privacy. This design is truly a stunner, and we feel the creativity in the stone selection and the pergola design in the back bring this into an award winning level.

Site Problems and Solutions:

  • Drainage issues caused by neighbour required a french drain system.
  • The unique paving pattern required extra planning to ensure all stones tied into each other properly.

Key Features:

  • Metal privacy screen and wood pergola
  • Creative stone flooring
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Planting
  • Lighting
  • Irrigation
  • Steps with Glass Railing

Client Testimonial

“Taylor was always calm and patient and we enjoyed working with him.”
– Suhan and Jessica S