Cabanas and Pergolas Design and Construction

Outdoor structures serve many functions and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We specialize in pergolas, cabanas, pavilions, and gazebos. With an appealing design, your outdoor environment can easily become your personal oasis.

If you are looking for an experienced landscaping contractor in Toronto who can deliver top-quality craftsmanship, look no further! Our designers are extremely creative. We have the expertise to create outstanding pergola and cabana designs for your home.

Customize Your Outdoors with Our Cabana and Pergola Ideas!

Combine over 25 years of experience with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail, and you can’t go wrong!

Our team will work with you to create the stunning outdoor space that you envision while producing an efficient and functional structure. We select only the finest materials and design every structure by considering a variety of aspects such as your budget, the architecture of your home, and climate conditions.

Our creations will aesthetically complement your landscape and result in a personalized backyard that reflects your vision and functional needs.

Benefits of Adding a Pergola or a Cabana

  • An amazing extension of your property
  • An ultra-cozy place to lounge and relax
  • The perfect entertaining space
  • A beautiful summer cottage or a convenient change area
  • An excellent way to enhance the appeal and overall value of your property

Our Team Can Help You with the Following Aspects

  • Outdoor pergola designs and ideas
  • Backyard cabana designs
  • Versatile gazebo designs
  • Deck and pergola ideas
  • Deck, cabana, pergola, or a gazebo with a pool
  • Add lighting to enhance the overall appeal

We Can Help You Add Some Indoor Appeal to Your Outdoors

If you want to add outdoor structures to your property, we can help! As a leading landscape company in Toronto, we have experts to deliver the desired results. Our experts can come up with the best backyard cabana designs and pergola ideas to add architectural presence to your property. We will work to understand your needs, offer reliable solutions accordingly, and schedule our work at your convenience.

Give us a call at 416.504.5263 to discuss your needs. We’ll get started on creating an excellent outdoor space by installing a cabana, pergola, or gazebo on your property in Toronto!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cabanas and Pergolas

Which is the Best Spot for a Pergola or a Cabana in My Backyard?

An outdoor pergola or a cabana can be placed almost anywhere in your backyard. A few common locations include along the side of a swimming pool, over an outdoor dining area, or near an outdoor fireplace. Our landscape designers and architects can help you figure out the best spot according to your needs and the architecture of your home.

How Much Will Pergola Design, Construction, and Installation Cost?

The price of designing a backyard pergola or outdoor cabana will typically depend on the size, materials, design complexity, labour required, and property accessibility. Our landscaping experts will understand your needs and come up with suitable pergola designs and ideas within your budget. We will provide you with an estimate, so you know what to expect.

How to Determine the Right Cabana or Pergola Size for My Home?

The size of your new backyard cabana or outdoor pergola will depend on many factors, including its location, purpose, space availability, the size of other landscape structures, and your budget. Our team of experts will help you determine the right location for a pergola or a cabana on your property. We can also provide you with 3D drawings and designs, so you have a better understanding.

Can you Install a Pergola on an Existing Deck or Concrete Pad?

It helps to know that most outdoor pergolas and cabanas can be installed on an existing deck, paver patio, or concrete pad. However, this depends on their build quality and whether they can safely handle the weight of a new structure. So you’ll want to consult with our professional pergola builders and experts to know for sure.

Do Offer Customized Backyard Pergola Designs?

A backyard pergola or an outdoor cabana offers many benefits in addition to providing shade. These landscape structures can define your outdoor space, create a beautiful focal point, and act as a place for relaxation. Depending on your needs and budget, our landscaping experts can come up with suitable custom pergola designs and ideas.

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