With 25 years’ of experience beautifying properties in the GTA, Land-Con prides itself on honesty, integrity and satisfaction in a job well done. Our projects receive industry-wide recognition for outstanding quality, professionalism and customer satisfaction.



We capture and reflect the unique vision of our clients, who trust us to create while abiding to strict specifications, standards and timelines. We value our client’s opinions and respect the importance of budget guidelines. The jobsite is always left clean and ready for construction. We respect our client’s properties and we are courteous and considerate to the clients and their neighbours.



Active members at Landscape Ontario and BILD (Building Industry and Land Development Association), we are also certified with ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) and NCMA (National Concrete Masonry Association). Our team has received the CNLA Canadian Nursery Landscape Award for Commercial Construction and the Casey van Maris Award for Best Innovative and Unique Landscape Design. We’ve also been awarded multiple provincial awards of excellence by Landscape Ontario.

Richmond Hill Landscaping


A Land-Con, we believe that after-care is as important as any part of the project. if at any time after the project is completed, there are any questions or concerns we are here to help. We cover our workmanship with a five year extended warranty. This warranty is transferable if you happen to sell your home within the five year period. Our top priority is customer service. We take pride in providing courteous, prompt responses to all clients, past and present.


Ofer Winkler

Growing up together over the past 30 years, Ofer Winkler and Jeremy Lerner have formed a strong friendship which naturally became a great partnership. They have both been in the landscape industry since 1997 giving them a combined 40years of experience in this industry. Ofer and Jeremy each bring their specialized on-site experience to the table. Their continued education in landscape design and construction makes them a team like no other. Ofer and Jeremy have a passion for the landscape industry and they apply it to each project they undertake, giving home owners a unique experience, providing them with the attention and time their vision deserves. This has made Land-Con a well-respected company within the industry and with competitors around the GTA. Together, Ofer and Jeremy are an award winning team that transforms their clients’ vision into reality by providing professional services with an eye for design and quality while adhering to budgets and time constraints.


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Ofer Winkler

Co-Founder / Business Development

Ofer Winkler is the founding partner of Land-Con Ltd.  Descending from a very hard working immigrant family, at the young age of 16, Ofer decided he wanted to financially help his family and always visualized being financially independent.  He knocked on neighborhood doors offering lawn mowing services in his community.  He was not afraid of rolling up his sleeves and working hard.  That was the beginning of Winkler Landscaping.  Ofer accumulated many customers in the neighbourhood and began using some of his profits to buy advanced equipment and then hiring employees to keep up with the demand.  By the young age of 25 He had a staff of 25 employees and over 1000 customers, a very successful business that he built with his own two hands.  While he missed out on many trips and adventures with family and friends, he developed a sizeable company which he sold in his twenties and pivoted to pursue a career in landscape construction projects.

Ofer’s passion for the business has allowed him to be creative and versatile in growing the business to new heights.  After a decade in the business, Ofer’s vision was to push the envelope and change the way in which people view the industry through innovative design, skillful workmanship, and impeccable customer service.  He knew it was too much to take on alone whilst managing all of his ongoing projects.  It was then that Ofer and Jeremy Lerner, who was a close childhood friend and esteemed colleague in the industry realized that they share the same vision, dedication and unstoppable drive for success.   In 2010, they Co-founded Land-Con Ltd, and the rest is history….

Jeremy Lerner

Jeremy Lerner

Co-Founder / Sales Director

Since he was 18 years old, he was on his own and it was necessary for him to earn a living in order to pay the bills.  He knew he was not the type of person that would be able to work for someone, he wanted to be his own boss and create.  He decided to open his first business at that time.  Supreme Stone, a landscaping company Jeremy grew into a lucrative business in just a few years.  He always believed in hard work, had no tolerance for complaining .  When things needed to get done he would be the first one to get his own hands dirty, working alongside his employees, ensuring that every step was executed impeccably, which earned their respect.

Jeremy is a perfectionist, which was always an immense advantage to his clients.  He has high demands of himself and his employees to provide top workmanship and impeccable customer service, which is the reason his business grew so quickly.

Jeremy knew that in order to grow even further, he would need to surround himself with likeminded people that had the same vision as him and would stop at nothing to create a landscaping company like no other.  A company with immaculate workmanship, innovative ground breaking designs and a company that would set a new industry standard.  It was then that he decided to partner up with co-founder, Ofer Winkler, a childhood friend and esteemed colleague.  Together, they created Land-Con Ltd.

On his spare time, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his two girls on his boat, works out daily and rides his motorcycle.

Simon Sobotni

Simon Sobotnik

Partner / Sr. Project Manager

Simon has been working in the construction industry since a young age, growing up in a family of ecologists, foresters and construction contractors, he appreciates the benefits of outdoor living year-round. Simon has his ICPI Certificate from the Interlocking and Concrete Paving Institute. He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) with Honours from Humber College. In his spare time, he enjoys downhill skiing, camping, and scuba diving.

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

General Manager

Jason has been in the landscape industry for the past 15 years. He graduated from Humber College with a Landscape design and Horticulture degree.

His passion and dedication come across daily, as he continues to have a huge contribution to the Land-Con team.

Taylor Fifield

Taylor Fifield

Consultant/ Designer

Celebrating his 10th year in the industry, our award-winning landscape designer, Taylor Fifield, continues to explore and push landscape design barriers. With 5 years of construction experience and 5 years of design and consulting experience, Taylor strives for excellence with all clients. He began his landscaping career working in construction while attending high school. After living in Banff Alberta as a snowboard instructor, he formalized his love of landscape design by enrolling at Fanshawe College. He continued working in the industry as a skilled labourer, eventually overseeing a construction team as foreman. After finishing school, he began working with Land-Con as their designer and consultant. Creating countless designs and completing projects of all sizes Taylor showcases his unique style, often blending modern landscape concepts with more natural elements. Taylor specializes in 3D design, which provides the best opportunity for clients to visualize their outdoor space. When not engaged in designing and working with his clients Taylor enjoys travelling, extreme sports, music and spending quality time with his friends and family.

Anthony Bartolin

Anthony Bartolini

Landscape Designer & Consultant

For my first job, I started working in the landscaping industry and gained a lot of hands on experience and knowledge by working for a high-end landscape company, and then moved on to work with an industry leading architect.

I have had the opportunity to collaborate on many high-end landscape projects; including cabanas/pool houses, home additions, decks and various other landscape related structure, which gives me the knowledge with all types of landscape materials and construction practices, as well as extensive experience with 2D and 3D design software’s.