About the Project:

A client that has a “blank slate” property with a great wish list, an appropriate budget and an open mind for unique design is a landscape designers dream. Walking into this backyard, you are simply in awe. The clean modern design is very satisfying to the eye, while the contrast in textures between hardwood, stone, metal, concrete, water, and plants add such elegance to the space. Bold, modern colours from the materials vibrate through the yard and create a unique experience. The flow throughout the space allows the user to move around comfortably and enjoy all aspects of the yard. It is with the sheer level of excellence in creative design, combined with perfect craftsmanship and impeccable project management that we are proud to showcase this project as one of our best to date.

Site Problems and Solutions:

  • “Flush” design hot tub meant our team had to plan specific wall thicknesses for the hot tub to ensure all cladding matched up perfectly.
  • Hot tub shot-crete was done in the winter, meaning we had to set up a temporary heated tent during construction
  • Rooftop IPE deck materials had to be lifted up a ladder for installation. Weight calculations were required to ensure it could hold the heavy hardwood.

Key Features:

  • Raised concrete hot tub with purple and black tiled walls
  • IPE “boardwalk” style deck provides access to the tub and stairs down to the living area
  • Rooftop IPE deck
  • Horizontal fencing
  • Modern patio flooring design
  • Custom metal planters
  • Dining area, sitting area, lounging area
  • Fire place & fire pit
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Custom planting design
  • Lights and irrigation
  • Heated front driveway
  • Custom walkway
  • Circular metal planters to contrast the clean lines of the house

Client Testimonial

“Taylor was always calm and patient and we enjoyed working with him.”
– Suhan and Jessica S