Do you have a small backyard that needs a transformation? You have come to the right place! We have a portfolio of spectacular pergola designs which are ideal for a small backyard.

Pergola Designs for Small Backyards

For those of you who are not aware of what a pergola is:

It is a vertical structure in a park or a garden commonly consisting of a framework covered with trailing or climbers.

Before we take a look at the ideas for pergolas, there are a few things you must consider.

  • Location & Size

First of all, you should decide where exactly do you want your pergola to be built. Then, decide the size.

  • Purpose

Ascertain the reason of a pergola in your backyard; whether you want more greenery, shade, or is it just for decoration purpose.

  • Budget

It is a crucial aspect of any activity. Be particular about how much you are willing to spend on transforming your backyard.

  • Materials

Based on the purpose and budget, you can choose the materials required to build a pergola for your backyard.

Now that you have a basic idea of how to proceed with building it let us discuss a few of the top pergola designs.

  • Old yet Picturesque

    This classic pergola design incorporates white rafters and planks of wood crossed together to form a diamond or square-shaped structure. You can place a sofa under it for relaxing during summers.

  • Side Curtains

    You can increase the charm of the pergola by adding beautiful curtains that suit the structure. You can also add thicker curtains for more privacy.

  • Garden Swings

    It is an easy way to add an element of fun. You can attach swings to the structure of your pergola to spend your evenings in the backyard.

  • Flowers & Plants

    A simple pergola covered with plants, climbers to be specific, will look beautiful. You can also include flowers for a dash of color. Spending the evenings under it will be unwinding and will cheer you up

  • Private Corner

    You can create a whole new structure like the one in the picture for more privacy. You can add cushions and chairs for comfortable evenings.

  • Retractable Shades

    It will add a touch of modern architecture which is both, beautiful and functional. You can also spend the sunny days in your backyard with a glass of refreshing drink!

  • Creative Lightings

    Hanging a few attractive light fixtures in your pergola will create a perfect ambiance. It will illuminate the space and enhance the beauty.

  • Geometric Designs

    Instead of following the traditional ideas, you can incorporate some quirky ones like using geometric designs for the roof or walls of your pergola.

  • Modern Pergolas

    With a modest yet sophisticated structure, a few pieces of furniture suitably positioned to complement the framework, and small lights without any dramatic effect will give you the perfect modern pergola for your backyard!

  • Pergola & Kitchen

    Don’t be so surprised! You can have an outdoor kitchen and pergola in your small backyard without too much of a mess. It will be functional and will work great for you.

With these pergola designs and ideas, you will be able to transform your small backyard into your very own space for enjoyment and rejuvenation.

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