The term cabana is often used for a pool house which is actually incorrect. Cabana is a free-standing structure providing shelter at the poolside. The roof is fully covered and so are the three sides. However, the latter can be open depending on your design and requirements. In other words, they can be called the advanced versions of tents.

Since ancient times, cabanas are mostly found near water in warm climatic regions. The basic design of a cabana can be described as a traditional hut. Over the years, this hasn’t changed much, except for the amenities and facilities designed with it.

The basic structure of a cabana has:

  • A triangular structure
  • Covered roof
  • At least one open side
  • Complete privacy as required

If you wish to enjoy your backyard, cabanas can be the outdoor living space. You can design a fireplace, kitchen, bar, dining area, sitting area with sofas, etc. inside it. Features like fans, lights, heating and cooling equipment can augment the allure as well as usability of your backyard space.

The cabana designs can be simple and cost-effective or very stylish, completely depending on your requirements, taste, and budget. The features you wish to install inside the backyard cabana design can definitely increase the cost.

Installing a Cabana as Part of Backyard Landscaping

Installing a Cabana as Part of Backyard Landscaping

Once you plan to build a cabana in the backyard, you need to seek permission from the local building jurisdiction. Moreover, if the height restrictions are also sorted, you can work on installing the cabana in the backyard. A pool cabana design with the roof covered, sides have the light-weight curtains, glass lanterns hanging from the top, and comfortable sitting space is an excellent idea.

You can add a refreshment area to it if you wish to grill and barbeque along the poolside. A mini-bar would also fit into your backyard cabana design. Excellent lightings and some music always enhance the ambiance of the landscape. A fireplace can also be added if required.

A well-designed cabana is useful all-the-year-round. Summer-time get-togethers can be enjoyed around the pool and cold winters near the fireplace sitting inside the cabana can be fun. If the cabana design structure is complex with a lot of facilities, it is recommended to hire a professional.

Various materials can be used to build a cabana. The frames can be made of steel or aluminium which can be painted well. Higher grade plastics used for construction can also be utilized here. Wood is another good option to build a cabana giving it a classic look. Roof and side coverings are usually made of fabrics or glass-fibres. They can also be made of wood or other materials used here.

A cabana can also be built with the same materials that are used for the construction of your house. This would enhance the artistic appeal of the backyard landscape. The size of a cabana depends on your requirements but keep in mind the space available in the backyard.

Building a cabana can take between 2 weeks to several months. The time duration completely depends on the design and facilities associated with it. Moreover, the cost can vary for same reasons. A cabana does not require a lot of maintenance. However, the amenities and equipment installed inside it would need regular attention.

In any weather, cabana is a place where you can sit and relax, as well as enjoy your time with your family and friends. During summers, it would provide shade and a comfortable space to sit and enjoy the poolside. Winters can have barbeques with a cozy place to sit and have fun.

A pool cabana design can prove to be a useful addition to the backyard landscaping. It adds value to the property and also enhances the backyard landscape beauty. If planned well, this outdoor living space can be of great use. It can make an amazing difference in the way you cherish the backyard space in every season.

To conclude, installing a cabana in the backyard landscape design is a good idea. However, keep in mind that it does provide you space and privacy to enjoy the outdoors but it is not your living room. Select the design as per your requirements and the backyard space. Get creative and enjoy your outdoors at best!

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