Pergolas, considered as outdoor living spaces, can be the most happening place for your yard landscaping. They can work as an outdoor kitchen, a covered area for a hot-tub or a barbeque, shaded patios, or maybe parking space.

The landscape design including a pergola can give your outdoor space a wonderful look as well as increase the property value. It can be added to a residential as well as a commercial space. You can either design a pergola and build it for yourself, buy a kit, or hire a professional expert.

Every pergola design has a cost attached to it which is usually different for each one. There are certain elements that regulate and modify the cost of building a pergola. The fact that you wish to purchase a ready-made pergola and install it by yourself or hire a professional for the project determines an important factor. Besides this, there is the size of the pergola, the materials used, the design, and even the location play a role in deciding the cost of the project. The following few paragraphs will discuss these factors giving you an idea about the cost of adding a pergola in your landscaping design.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Pergola?


Material-cost has nothing to do with who installs the pergola.

Different category of materials can be utilized to build a pergola. It is the first and most important factor influencing the installation cost. Quality of the material is important but the cost also fluctuates with this.

The most common materials include wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminium. Fiberglass and wood are definitely more expensive yet most popular than any other material used for pergola designs giving them a classic look. However, a great replacement for wood can be the pressure-treated wood. It gives you the wood finish and is comparatively less expensive.

While selecting the material, keep in mind the weather conditions. It has to be weather resistant else the pergola structure could get damaged at any moment. Here, the most common and popular options for you are redwood or cedar if their cost is not a concern; otherwise, vinyl or PVC can be good choices as they are weather-resistant, easy to clean, and durable. In hot climatic regions, aluminium is more common. It is affordable but does not give an aesthetic look.


The size of a pergola may vary depending on your design and requirements. However, the cost of building the pergola increases with its width and height. Taller and bigger pergolas need larger beams and rooftops, therefore, increasing the material and labor costs.

Roof Types

Usually, the roof is made of plank slats or lattice. This does not cost much and provides some shade from solar radiation. However, to bestow better protection from the sun or the rain and snow, modern pergola designs use reversible fabrics, wood, steel, and other materials for the roof top giving it a more concreate-look. The fabrics used here are mostly waterproof. Hence, they can also be used with wooden roof-tops for better protection. Moreover, the pergola structure is also well supported with a solid roof-top. Cost, definitely, increases in the solid segment of work.

A combination of different materials can also be used for roof-tops. This would give an open-roof, sunny but shady effect during the summers and also protect from rain and snow.

Ready-Made Kit or Build a Pergola

Purchasing a readymade pergola design and installing it would definitely cut down on the costs. Various designs and patterns are available with multiple color options. However, building a pergola with your own customized structure with specifications has its own benefits. This would require professional help, substantially increasing the installation process, duration, and cost. But a customized design fits in best with the backyard space and enhances the allure of the landscape.

There are certain concerns that cannot be overlooked while building a pergola all by yourself.

You will have to purchase a readymade kit and install the pergola. It might not be a perfect fit for the landscape and the design of the house. Building a customized pergola can be a huge task for you.

You need to purchase the tools required for the installation. Such as:

  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Shovel
  • Carpenter’s square
  • Digger
  • Different types of saws
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Drilling machine
  • Measuring tape
  • Construction adhesive
  • Mounting hardware
  • Pergola lumber, etc.

Everything has to be done alone from preparing the design to purchasing the material, check for permits and contacting the local utilities, and installing the pergola.

Provide time and efforts to build the pergola

Purchasing a kit and installing the pergola isn’t as easy as it appears to be. It is always recommended to hire a professional in order to build a customized design for your landscape. It would be a completely hassle-free process leading to a beautiful structure complementing your entire landscape which you wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for.

Moreover, the experts can guide better in terms of designing the structure and purchasing of materials based on your requirements and the climatic conditions of the place. All the safety aspects will be taken care of well.

Hiring a reputed and experienced contractor would increase the cost but with the assurance of quality work. Mostly, the landscaping companies in Toronto provide a guarantee on the project. Repair and maintenance for the noted duration is their responsibility. Therefore, it is always suggested to hire a professional expert. He would charge you once for quality work. No hassles in terms of regular maintenance cost or re-designing if not installed well. During the guarantee period, the company is responsible for the outdoor structure in your backyard.

Land-con is one of leading landscaping companies in Toronto. Our expert landscape designer will understand your needs and come up with the best possible solutions to accommodate them into our plans.

For expert guidance and estimates on various pergola designs, feel free to get in touch with us by calling 416.504.5263. We have the expertise and knowledge to turn your dream of building a pergola into a beautiful reality!

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