Coming up with suitable outdoor kitchen designs is not an easy feat, especially if you also want a pool alongside. You need to analyze several important aspects of your backyard landscape.

Outdoor Kitchen Designs

In fact, the ability to entertain guests at a pool party with the flexibility to cook outdoors has become a trend as far as backyard landscaping designs are concerned.

Let Us Take A Look At The Planning Process Involved In An Outdoor Kitchen And A Pool.

1) Location

The principal task is to determine the location of your kitchen and pool. For this, you need to consider the following:

  • Make sure the outdoor kitchen is near your house so that you have the required accessibility to bring supplies from inside and take out the trash after your meals.
  • Plan an appropriate method for water supply in your outdoor kitchen.
  • Since you also want a pool beside your kitchen, ensure that you have enough privacy in the chosen location.

2) Purpose & Designs

The first question you need to ask yourself is:

Why do I need an outdoor kitchen and a pool?

Moreover, you need to ensure that your hired professionals are aware of your desire.

The next question should be:

How big should the kitchen and pool be and how frequently am I going to use them?

Only after answering these questions, you will be able to proceed further.

3) Layout & Division of Areas

You need to define specific areas for the following chores:

  • food preparation,
  • cooking,
  • beverage and food storage, and
  • serving.

In the case of the pool, the following must be reckoned:

  • Space of equipment storage
  • Area for relaxing and sunbathing
  • Change rooms and outdoor showers, if you want

4) Lighting

It is a significant aspect of outdoor landscaping. It includes the following three types of lighting:

  • Lighting to illuminate work areas
  • Ambient lighting to define a specific area
  • Decorative lighting

For the pool, lighting should be around it to warrant safety. Further, it will enhance the beauty of the pool.

5) Equipment

When we are talking about outdoor kitchen designs, it is impossible not to include an outdoor grill! Ensure that you choose a reliable one.
Other kitchen equipment will include:

  • Cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Sinks

All of the above should be chosen wisely, weighing various aspects including cost, maintenance, and requirements.

For your pool, the following types of equipment are required:

  • Water pumps
  • Heater
  • Filtration system
  • Pool safety equipment

Make sure that you choose the equipment for your pool carefully, keeping in mind the cost as well as the quality.

6) Avoid the Common Mistakes

Some of the common mistakes to be avoided in the case of an outdoor kitchen are:

  • Not enough space for preparation of food. So make sure you have sufficient space on the counter.
  • Inadequate lighting. It will ruin your time of enjoyment. Be sure that your space is appropriately illuminated.

In case of installing an outdoor pool, you must avoid the following mistakes:

  • Not leveling the pool walls.
  • Not leveling the ground properly will make the floor uneven.
  • Early installation of the pool deck without allowing the soil around the pool to settle.

7) Hiring a Professional

You must heed the following before hiring a landscape contractor:

  • Is the professional experienced?
  • Information about warranty and services after installation.
  • Do they consider local laws and rules?
  • How flexible is the contractor regarding the materials used?
  • Contact a few of the past clients to obtain their opinion.

Make sure that the contractor you choose is reliable and select wisely.

Keep in mind these tips regarding pool and outdoor kitchen designs and enjoy your new backyard with a place to cook and entertain your guests!

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