If we are talking about backyards, understand that bigger isn’t always better or beautiful. There can be a lot of unconventional designs related to small backyard landscaping in Toronto which can be implemented making the yard look amazing. A few innovative ideas for your little space can give it the ‘wow factor’.

There are a lot of space-saving designs for backyard landscaping which can completely transform them, the best part being – lesser maintenance. From vertical gardens to special water features with creative planters, everything is possible.

Backyard Landscaping Designs

Let us check some excellent backyard landscaping designs for small yards.

  • Edges Are Advantageous

Since it is not possible to extend the yard space horizontally, corners and edges of small backyards can be used for maximum space. These can work wonders for additional crops making the place look green and beautiful.

  • Choose The Right Greens

For small backyards, it is recommended to plant flowers and vegetations of similar sizes but in variety of colors. Different kinds of plants, trees, shrubs, bushes, and flower beds make the place look more beautiful. Big tropical plants in small backyards also give a lush feel boosting up the cooling factor.

Prepare a vertical garden with shelves to utilize the narrow space of your backyard at its best. Make the plants grow up, not out – columnar evergreens would suit the best. Vertical landscaping also gives the viewing sight a height making the area feel spacious.

Moreover, if you wish to avoid a lot of maintenance activities, go for artificial plants. They can give you the same feel of greenery around you with no worms or weeds as well.

  • Form Levels

Raise the height of the yards, maintain walls, or raise beds by creating levels including stairs. This would also increase your space around. Terraced or elevated sections in the yard is a common landscaping idea for smaller backyards.

You can also have a bar on the corner of a raised section. A flexible and small wooden built-in station would make your backyard a more happening place around.

Pergolas give a classic look in small yards with lush surroundings. Therefore, create a shaded walkway giving the yard extra space for more greens.

  • Small Furniture

You would surely want a chair or a bench to sit and enjoy the wonderful view of your backyard. Keeping in mind the space issues, make your sitting arrangements against the wall surrounded with shrubs or flowers.

Create a pathway from your door to the sitting area in the backyard, making it look like a secret escape route for you to a small new world of yours. Stone pathways or structures can also look amazing.

Light your pathway enhancing the visual appeal of the yard. It will also take care of the safety aspects by brightening up the nights. Use smart solar lights with motion sensors.

  • Skip The Grass

If you have children, make the backyard a place for them to enjoy as well by placing a sandbox. Lawn is not always required. Therefore, avoid the grass completely.

  • How about a swimming pool or a fire pit!

Yes! You can have a pool and fire pit in your small backyard, all it requires a little trick. Instead of a big swimming pool, go for smaller tubs which would be very much suitable for the area. Fire pits are available in different shapes and sizes. You can select the best fit for your space.

Try to divide the backyard space into two rooms. Add water features – size doesn’t really matter, water and light arrangements give a more attractive look to the place.

Bold and bright colors in the small yard are more than enough to entice you. Therefore, choose your colors with care. At times, mixing up the small landscape ideas with unexpected elements can create a dramatic look. Try some out of the box ideas and see the difference.

These excellent ideas will surely help you create a ‘wow’ small backyard landscape. The best way still remains to keep it simple avoiding too much of texturing or covering up the area. Plan your space well and design according to your taste and requirements. Even the smallest backyard can look simply amazing!

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