Feeling that your backyard is too simple or bland? Enhance your backyard and improve the visual appeal of your home with amazing Pergola designs.

An arbor or a pergola is a brilliant alternative to add structure and style while being cost effective. It can easily elevate the essence of your home and can simultaneously be a stand-alone beautiful element. Arbor or Pergola seems similar to a person who knows little to nothing about architecture or landscape designing. Land-con being the best deck building company, is here to tell you the difference between an Arbor and a Pergola and also explain the importance of Pergola.

How is an Arbor and A Pergola Different?

To a certain extent, pergolas and arbors are akin as they both can adorn beautiful climbing plants while protecting the owners from many outdoor elements.

Both arbor and pergola are great for any backyard but to choose between them, you need to know the differences.


pergola designs

It is a landscape structure that is breezy and has support on sides, and on the top. The support forms a lattice. You can easily grow berries and flowers around it. Arbors add a natural element to your backyard. Normally people use Arbors to ornate walkways but it can be used as an exclusive sitting area as well. A traditional Arbor is much smaller in size than a Pergola.



Pergola is also a freestanding structure that has a slanted roof. The roof is supported by a post on each side. It is ideal for hosting outdoor entertainments and can also have a kitchen and al fresco.

If you still feel that you are unclear with the differences, you can contact Land-con, the ultimate deck builders in Toronto!

Reasons Your Backyard Needs A Pergola

1. Adds a character to your Backyard

It represents your artistic side while adding a bit of your personal character to your home. You can create a beautiful al fresco dining area in absence of a deck or patio in your backyard. It’s a structure that induces character with a purpose. What more can you ask for?

2. Spaciously Private

Some people like the feeling of being secluded while still enjoying the nature in their backyard. For them, a pergola fits the best. You can choose from a wide range of pergola designs that can have an opening or slot for adding lattice work, drapes or screens.

3. Provide Shade and Protection

Pergola with beautiful climbers on the roof can act as an outdoor lounge in summers. Many Pergola designs have canopies on the roof, which you can open and close as per your convenience. Add a pergola close to your backyard pool and enjoy an exotic summer.

4. Appreciates The Existing Value Of a Home

Adding a beautiful landscape fixture can appreciate the value of your existing home by 20%. You can choose from multiple Pergola designs that are bound to match the style and aesthetics of your home.

5. Easy Installations

Many people install Pergolas on their own as they are super easy to install. Yes, it can be difficult with a more complex structure or a customized Pergola Design, but you can choose from standard Pergola kits and install it on your convenience.

6. Can Combine With Different Materials

Pergolas are highly cost-effective when we compare it with other landscape installations. You can choose the pergola materials on the basis of your budget. Most commonly people choose vinyl, metal, and cedar.

7. Works Well With Other Structures

Pergolas can be used as a structure that leads to other landscape installations like gazebos or verandas. This creates a spectacular outdoor area that is versatile and beautiful.

8. Entertainment Central

Do you love hosting parties at your home? Adding a Pergola will make your backyard the party central for your friends and family. You can host many events, ranging from a party, cookout to an alfresco dinner or lunch.

Need Help To Pick One From Many Pergola Designs?

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