People fail to realize that their house exterior is as important as the interiors. In fact, it plays a major role in defining you to the outside world.

An easy and effective way to transform your exteriors is to introduce outdoor landscape lighting. Illuminating the outdoors will enhance the visual appeal and brighten up your space.

Modern Outdoor Lighting Toronto

Now, let us address the obvious question:

How to transform your outdoors with landscape lighting?

You can create an amazing space by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Decide your Purpose

    This is the first thing you should do. Deciding a purpose will pave the path for further course of action. This might include using lights to highlight a focal point, or creating a separate sitting area, or marking boundaries, and so forth.

  • Make a Rough Outline

    It is all about making a sketch of your space. This way, you will have a better idea of the area. Make a note of all the existing trees, shrubs, benches, paths, etc., where you might want to use lightings.

  • Determine the Places & Types of Lighting

    Now, you must decide where you want to use lights. Determine the exact locations of lightings, for example, around the pond, draped over trees or shrubs, and so on.
    You should decide what kind of lights you want to use; a series, a spotlight, soft lighting, solar lighting, colored-lighting, etc.

  • Decide your Budget

    Planning an activity involves a budget. So, you must determine how much you are willing and able to spend on landscape lighting.
    The cost may range from as low as $ 30 to as high as $ 300 per light depending on the size and voltage.
    Do not forget to consider the cost of installation and labor.

  • Make up a Schedule

    Make up your mind about the effort you would have to put in to make this idea a reality. A high voltage lighting will require a lot of effort because it will involve burying down the wiring deep in the ground and encasing it properly. A low voltage or solar lighting will not require as much effort.

  • Set up the Entire Lighting

    Now that you have everything for landscape lighting, start with the setting up process according to your requirements.
    Professionals can also be hired to do the job.

Still facing troubles with setting up the lightings?

Ideas for Outdoor Landscape Lighting Designs

Skim through the ideas and designs given below and see if inspires you.

  • Step Lighting:

    If you have steps/stairs in your backyard, you can opt for step lighting which will create a pleasing ambiance.

  • Path Lights:

    If you have a defined path in your back or front yard, you can use different kinds of lights to illuminate and distinguish it.

  • Add Color:

    Do not hesitate to use colored lights. For example, blue tinted lights will give a soft and sober tone for a relaxing night.

  • Indirect Lighting:

    You can install lights a little higher above the sitting area to get the perfect aura, or you will end up with a feeling of being under a spotlight on a stage!

  • Water Features

    If you have these in your backyard, you can arrange for lighting up from within. It will give a nice overall effect.

  • Lighting Specific Objects

    If you have any statues placed or trees in your yard, you can use warm lights like the yellow or orange ones for a charming effect.

  • Balanced Lighting

    Simply lighting up your house will look awkward. It is always advisable to illuminate the surroundings as well.

  • Creating Shadows

    By placing lights strategically, you can create shadows. This will have a great effect and complement your lighting very well.

  • Less is More!

    Remember, when lighting up your exteriors, less is always more. So, do not go overboard with it. Even the simplest of ideas, if and when executed correctly, will give the desired outlook.

Now that you have the required steps and ideas for outdoor landscape lighting, don’t wait and call us at 416.504.5263 for more information.