No matter what profession you are in, you’d still want to ensure that your backyard is worth a good look. However, not everyone has the time to maintain their backyards. Maintenance by a professional can be heavy on the pocket sometimes. So, here are a few low maintenance backyard landscaping ideas for busy owners:

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

  • Prevention is better than cure

If you are a busy owner, you can reduce the maintenance by ensuring that while you grow your garden. Plant your garden in such a way that it requires less maintenance.  Like for example, to avoid the growth of weed and then putting in efforts of weeding, plant crops in an area that has very little light. This will help retain water in the soil for a very long time. This process is called mulching.

Mulching can also be done by planting herbs. Herbs grow tall and block the sunlight from reaching the weed. Some of the natural herbs that you can grow in your garden are Lamb’s Ears, Periwinkle, Wooly Thyme, Plantinum sage, Sweet Violet, etc.

Some of the common weeds that grow annually are Sedge, Chickweed, Crabgrass, Knotweed, etc.

  • Pick the Right Greens

As a busy homeowner, it is essential to select the right crops. Plants that require regular harvesting are naturally high maintenance.

Most backyard Landscaping designs include fruiting plants like tomatoes, chilies, and eggplants which require regular fertilization. Most flowering plants are easy to grow and require occasional fertilization.

Too many is too much. Just because you want your garden to be lush does not mean you need to plant plenty of plants in a limited space.

  • Invest

If you invest well in the beginning, you might not really have to work much for maintenance. It could be investing in good pavements and pathways in your landscape or even the right plants for your garden. Choosing evergreen trees and bushes is a great investment. They appear beautiful irrespective of the weather and also can be easily accessorized and decorated.

  • Keep the Pests Away

Keeping pests away will once again require a lot of maintenance. Instead, plant plenty of Lavender. They are low maintenance plants, require less water and smell amazing. Also, they keep the pests at bay. They bloom every year making it a perfect fit for a low maintenance landscape design.

  • Be Smart in Picking a Good Backyard Landscaping Design

Choose to use some good backyard landscaping services and turn that lawn into a pathway or a patio. So, you don’t even have to regularly mow your lawn or pay someone to do it!

Get the Best Backyard Landscaping Services

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