A well-designed and maintained front yard landscape reveals a lot about the people who live in the house. It is the first thing that people notice. Besides increasing the property value, it works as an allure and a welcoming sign as well.

A unique hardscaping design incorporated in the front yard landscape can definitely increase the curb appeal. You can also add a concrete walkway, a lush green lawn, and water features. You can decorate the place as per your taste but this can be different from your backyard design. The latter is mostly to enjoy the outer space of the house, while the front yard works as the first impression section.

It is a myth that only expensive elements make the front yard look appealing. Most of the times, it’s your idea of beauty which attracts. Anything which pleases your eye is very well-designed.

Important Aspects of Front Yard Landscaping

Let us check some important aspects of front yard landscaping.

  • Plan The Design

The design of the front yard should be in sync with the architectural structure of the house. Moreover, the space available and the amount of money you wish to spend will also play a role here. But make sure your design is interesting. A balance of the greens and hardscaping structures would look good. If you have lesser maintenance time, design the yard accordingly.

  • A Theme For The Front Yard

Front yard landscaping should always have a style that complements the house. If the sync is missing, any design would look awfully mismatched. Moreover, it is always excellent to have a focal point that helps draw more attention. One of the best examples is a classic pattern of well-carved address on a concrete wall. It gives an exclusive look. A fountain would also work best for you or maybe you would want to have a decorative structure made.

A theme usually works if well-designed for the entire space available. It can either be some architectural feature and well-decorated plants, or some informal deign with natural-looking elements.

  • Walkways & Driveways

Front yard is the first visible portion or access of the house. Having a great walkway to the front door is an amazing idea. However, if you have kids and pets, it would be more sensible to create a simple and straight path. A natural-looking concreate pathway to the front door is often safe and adds the visual appeal to the front yard landscape. Having wider walkways is another good thought. Curves and steps can be added if you really want to design it that way, else keep them away. The walkways should be well-lighted, especially with the curves and steps. Introducing plants on the way gives a fresh and welcoming sign.

Driveways can also be marked with plants and trees. However, they might obstruct the view, therefore, it is safer to use simple ideas for driveway in the front yard landscaping design. Make sure they are well-lighted with directional signs.

  • Landscape Lighting

Besides working as a safety aspect, outdoor lighting always enhances the ambiance of the landscape. If worked on well, it can completely transform the landscape-look. You can also add smart lights to certain areas where continuous lights are not required after sunset.

Lights are visible from a distance. Therefore, they work well in attracting neighbors and people crossing the area. Safety perspective is also increased as buglers and thieves stay away from such well-lighted places.

  • Using Plants

Long trees can be used for shades as well as privacy purpose. However, add the number of trees and shrubs that you can handle. Maintenance of this section of landscaping requires time and efforts. Or, select plants and flowers which do not need a lot of attention. If you have limited space, add raised planting beds.

The green element definitely enhances the liveliness of the area. If you have good space available in the front yard, you can design a lawn. Again, if maintenance is an issue, do not go for real grass, instead, use artificial turf. It gives the same feel with lesser maintenance required.

  • Creating an attractive front

Front yard is a very important part of the house. Therefore, the entrance should always be bright and inviting. Green landscaping and hardscaping structures can be used as walkways, driveways, and as other focal areas of the yard. However, they should complement each other and enhance the landscape.

To add a classic look, use bells and knockers that go with the design of the pathway that leads to the door.

  • Add a water feature

You can have a fountain in the middle of the lawn or maybe near the hardscaping structure that you plan to build. The sound of flowing water always adds a pleasant feeling in the atmosphere. A pond would also look good. Lights enhance the water features and give a more embellished look.

  • Keep It Simple

Understand the fact that you cannot have everything in the front yard. Therefore, plan and design according to the space available, the architectural structure of the house, your personality, and of course the budget. The best advice here would be to keep it simple and classy. Add elements that require less of your time and efforts to maintain them.

You can add a bench to your design. Along with enjoying the backyard, someday you might just appreciate sitting in the front yard as well.

A beautifully built front yard landscape is a matter of pride for the owner. Take all your time to plan and design the space that reflects your personality.

Land-con is a prominent name when it comes to front yard landscaping. We have experts who can help you choose the right front yard landscape designs and ideas that complement the architecture of your property. For more information about our landscaping services, please call us at 416.504.5263.

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