The exterior of your house reflects your personality and tells the world you who are. Thus, it is important that you pay due attention to how your house looks from outside. This need not necessarily be a very expensive job. You can transform your backyard without putting a serious dent in your pocket!

backyard landscape design

Here are a few pocket-friendly backyard landscape design ideas for you.

Divide your Space

Defining the spaces in your backyard will give you a clear idea of how it will turn out to be. You may decide on separate areas for cooking/grilling, relaxing and lounging, kids play section, and so on.

Create a Focal Point

This will give you more ideas for backyard landscaping. A focal point could be anything, from a big tree to strategically placed benches to a clever assortment of pots. The aim is to make it attractive.

Leveling the Ground

Deciding how to level your backyard ground will pave the way for designing rest of the area. Here are a few tips –

  • You can level the ground by covering it with a layer of crushed gravel. This not only looks attractive but can also be used for entertaining guests and grilling. Planting shrubs and small plants along the border will give you a great finishing.
  • You can create geometric patterns on the ground.
  • Planting grass on the ground can be an effective way to achieve the desired green look.
  • You can use paver stones too for the leveling task.

Creating pathways

This will create a pleasant and polished outlook. You can use pavers, small rocks and stones, wooden planks, the classic red bricks, big blocks of natural stone, and so forth. There are plenty of possibilities for you to choose from.

Seating area arrangement

There are many possibilities when it comes to seating arrangements in a backyard. Some of them are –

  • L-shaped benches can be used where it is appropriate, like around a tree, around corners of your home, etc.
  • You can use curved benches with or without a center table, along a stone pathway.
  • Stone-wall seating is a great idea if it suits your home and backyard.

Adding dimension

If you have got a fence or a blank wall, you can opt for what is known as vertical gardening.

  • You can choose a trellis including plants at appropriate places.
  • You can also hang potted plants at equal gaps along the fence.
  • You can simply stack up crates of plants vertically.
  • Hanging glass pots with plants, i.e., terrarium, is a clever and easy idea of a vertical garden.

Overhead lighting

This is an easy way to spruce up your backyard. Illuminating the space will make it look richer and grander. It adds an element of fun to your turf. You can simply drape them around a tree or bushes, or hang them above your seating area.

Now that you have a few interesting ideas to deck up your backyard, bring out your scratch pad and jot down your thoughts. Being creative is the best way to go about it!

For any information on backyard landscaping designs, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. With over 20 Years of Experience in the field, we will heed your requirements and guide you appropriately.