The landscaping industry in Toronto is definitely full of misconceptions. These myths can be harmful to both the industry as well as people seeking advice from this sector – especially if you permit yourself to be influenced by these misguided notions. Let’s do a myth-busting which is very common around the landscaping designers in Toronto.

1. All Landscaping Is Good Landscaping

This is definitely a myth that requires some real-time check. A backyard with beautiful landscaping has greater appeal than a plain lawn, but landscaping advice that is not proper can cause more damage not just to the land but also to your pocket.

Just to save some dollars, either you plan to do the landscaping for yourself or hire individuals who would charge you less, irrespective of the fact that they are not experts in the area of your interest. In the near future, you might end up paying even more than expected.

While planning the landscaping process for your backyard, one of the most common mistakes you would make is to plant trees near the house. This might bring a lot of problems for you. On the other hand, hiring a professional landscaping expert in Toronto would take care of all possibilities.

2. All Landscaping Companies Are The Same

Many Landscaping companies provide a complete package but it is very important to understand that every company has a particular area of expertise. Some may specialize in hardscape installation, some only treat turf, some are expert in landscape maintenance, and some show their talent in designing landscapes.

The irony of this industry is that people tend to consider all of them identical which is not fair. The fact remains the same every landscaping company in Toronto is different. Once you know your landscaping requirements, it is recommended to seek advice from companies that specialize in a particular area of your interest.

3. Landscaping Companies Are Nothing But Grass Cutters

This is a very common misconception that most of the people have about landscaping companies in Toronto. No matter how vast the company is – with a good number of employees and a fleet of trucks & trailers, or the annual turnover is in millions, people would still consider you as ‘grass cutters’. The reason for this misinterpretation that landscaping companies in Toronto are only grass cutters is formed due to some companies or individuals who predominantly perform landscaping maintenance work, i.e. grass cutting. Therefore, everyone seems to fall into the same category.

However, the real fact remains very different. Cutting the grass is a very small task performed by any landscaping company. Many are involved in high-end landscape designing and installation processes which include very little maintenance work. It’s an irony that the landscaping industry has to prove its worth all time even if it has to offer so much more than just landscape maintenance.

Company appearance and experience along with the way you deal with your clients tend to change their perception from just being grass cutters to a professional landscaping company. However, this is unfortunate that most people, outside your territory, would still think the same.

4. Landscaping Is Supposed To Be Inexpensive

Establishing a small landscaping company wouldn’t cost much. All you need is a mower, trailer, truck, trimmer, blower, and a few people to work with you. Initially, you would also charge less from your clients just to make sure you get some business. Even if a year-old landscaping company fails and shuts down, three more are ready to roll. Hence, the misconception that landscaping is cheap never really ends.

On the other hand, the reality is very different. A well-established landscape company that provides all the facilities including installation processes, designing, as well as maintenance will have expensive equipment.

The cost of running a landscape company in Toronto is quite high. Besides the expensive equipment, there is a cost involved in insurance of the workers & other benefits, general liability, taxes, fuel bills, marketing utilities, maintenance, property damage coverage, etc. Let us also not forget the team’s hard work.

All ‘am trying to say is, that the landscaping business in Toronto is neither easy nor cheap. Moreover, quality service has a cost attached to it.

5. We Don’t Need Professional Landscaping Services

You can mow your own lawns or plant trees as per your choice but do not overlook the facilities provided by a professional landscaping expert. There are many things you might tend to miss out on while building your lawn including safety measures. A professional expert would guide you with the best possible options for your backyard ultimately enhancing the overall look of your house. Based on their experience and expertise, the landscape companies would also take care of every minute safety measures. Therefore, approaching an expert is always worth it.

When you plan a landscape for your backyard, look for the best help that specifically meets your requirements. Saving a little money here could cost your pocket even more later.

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