The landscaping trends evolve every year and each year sees some amazing designs that are an absolute delight on the eyes. With respect to the trends of 2018, you can say that 2019 is having some similar yet different trends. Homeowners are still thinking along the lines of making their backyard eco-friendly but they also wish to have a lush living.

Being the leading Toronto Landscaping Company, we are here to make you understand the landscaping trends that will be popular in 2019!

Backyard Landscaping

1. Keeping It Low Maintenance

A decorative landscape can be overwhelming for many homeowners. Considering the lives we live, we do not have the time to look after our gardens and greens. Due to this reason, 2019 will be all about keeping it simple. So how can you have a low maintenance garden?

  • Choose perennial plants and group them together to have the best appeal. To know which perennial to get for your home, talk to a Toronto landscaping company. You can also attend a few local gardening events to know about the plants of the year.
  • Try having shrubs or messy trees that do not induce any stress or problem on the landscape.
  • Install an irrigation system that works for you even while you are away.
  • Try having more of hardscapes. To understand how you should select landscaping materials for hardscapes, you need to research well about them. Get quality stones and pavers that do not require to be cleaned regularly.

2. Creating a Staycation Spot

Why go on vacation only once every year where you can have your own little vacation, whenever you want, at your home? There are man ways to convert your backyard into a staycation spot and have a comfortable living without the fuss of travelling. You can think of incorporating the following things:

  • Having a weatherproof speaker system to enjoy music in your backyard whenever you want.
  • Try adding a fire feature or lounge chairs to create a warm ambience and have a great time with your friends and family.
  • Get outdoor furniture that is actually functional.
  • To make your landscape shine even in dark, incorporate a proper lighting system.
  • Add an outdoor bar or kitchen to have a complete resort-like experience.

3. Making Backyard Structures Focal Points

There are some structures that you need to install in your backyard. These include the necessary walls, sheds and pool equipment boxes. These are the structures you will be seeing every day so they ought to be beautiful. You can use these creative ideas:

  • Get salvages materials to work for your like antique iron gates and rough barn wood. This will let you have a rustic pool landscape in your backyard.
  • Try to repurpose your existing space and turning it into an outdoor dining pavilion.
  • Mimic the designs that inspire you and work with different materials.

4. Creating Private Spaces

Create an intimate space by having a secluded backyard. This can help you to relax and revive your soul from the daily routines of life, making it a great place to unwind. Here are a few easy ways to create a private space:

  • Choose minimum seatings.
  • Have a simple water feature.
  • Surround your landscape with lush plants.
  • Get arbour and pergola to have a small enclosure for yourself.
  • Plant tall trees to create a barrier.

5. Lighting

Lighting a backyard has completely changed nowadays. People are now concerned about their bills as well as the environment and so have started using eco-friendly LED and solar lights. This lets the home shine even when it gets dark. Also, try installing lights in various styles to have a play of lights and shadow and highlight the features that really enhance the appeal.

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