Front yard acts as the face of your home. It is very much different from your backyard in terms of utility. You can convert your backyard into an outdoor living space but with your front yard, you need to think more along the lines of a beautiful recreational area. There are many ways to enhance the curb appeal when which can form part of your front yard landscaping project.

Front Yard Landscaping

Front Yard Landscaping Secrets

Depending upon the climate, front yard features, local planning, regulations & size of your yard, you can incorporate these to your front yard landscaping in Toronto.

1. Dress Up Your Walkway

Transform your walkway by using alternatives of cement, like flagstones and pavers, and also incorporate plants like boxwood and hosta. Along with this, try curving the walkway to give your home an appearance of a longer front yard.

2. Fill it With Flower

Let your front yard feel more welcoming with planting colourful bloomers. They are a surefire to make your front yard beautiful. Try to use bright hues and bold colours as they will create the desired impact, even for a small space.

3. Leave Space to Entertain

If you are someone who wishes to go beyond just flowers then you can add a patio to your front yard Toronto landscaping project. The patio will help you to enjoy a delightful summer, with a cold glass of lemonade and waving to your neighbours.

4. Slope and Front Yards

Many homes have a stairway in place of a walkway. This makes their front yard even more interesting with elevation. These homes have beautiful slopes that will not require grass. You could cover these slopes with your favourite plants and flowers. Planting them in a downward trajectory from the door of your home will let it have a grander appeal.

5. Go Green

Try planting a variety of evergreens that will make your front yard look even more classy and beautiful, all year long. There are some great evergreens that include many large trees, dwarf plants and groundcovers. These will create a prosperous plethora of colours and textures.

6. Create a Buffer

If you have a small front yard then try using medium-sized plants to keep them away from the eyes of the other people. This will create an intriguing space that can be kept private for yourself. Choose many plants and create patterns that are pleasing to look at.

7. Break It Up

This can work well when you have a big front yard. To break up your space, try having perpendicular planting. It can break the monotony while adding elegance and grace to your home’s appeal.

8. Use Space Smartly

If you live in a city, your property can be small. Due to which, you will have a smaller front yard with postage stamp lawns and foundation shrubs. Break away from them and let your front yard look bigger by layering it all up. You can create eye-catching layers that can help you enhance the size and appeal of your front yard Toronto landscaping.

9. Emphasize the Entry

There are many homes that lack a proper entry. This can be due to many reasons ranging from poor front yard landscaping to lacking proper height. To enhance and emphasize the entry of your home try to install a fence or arbour. They will get your home all the right attention.

10. Blend Nature and Art

Try incorporating artistic elements in your front yard. They will add more character to your home’s appeal, distinguishing it from other houses in the neighbourhood.

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