Have a small yard that you wish was bigger? You do not need to buy a new house altogether for having a bigger yard. Follow our tips that can transform your existing yard and making it seem bigger and better.

With an agenda to have a bigger looking yard, many homeowners resort to have loose planning and no fence. This only makes their yard unorganized and open for everyone to judge with no fence. We feel that your small backyard landscaping can be a lot better with our tips as we have given ways to define space while making the purpose of your lawn area pretty clear. To have some space, you only need to create some space. Read to know who you can achieve that.

backyard landscaping design

1. Do not ignore the side-yard

Side yards are often designated as a storage area for a garbage can, but they can be far more efficient if used correctly. Try to utilize this space as incorporating it in your landscape design blueprint. But what to do with this space? You can plant a small herb garden or else you can add a small coffee table to have a morning retreat. Make your garbage cans rest in your garage and let your backyard shine through.

2. Make it grand, with a destination

There are many special elements that when added can make your backyard design look grand. You can start by creating a small outdoor room that has a grill and a good patio set. Other than this, you can also add a fountain, a reading nook or a fireplace that can create a comfortable destination for all to relax.

3. Create a picturesque scene with architectural features

Small yards can have a picturesque appeal, just choose that can fit the best with the size of your garden. They are many with small yards who eye for installing Arbours and Pergolas that are not only architecturally beautiful but can also harness some other elements like a climbing garden or a swing.

4. Pick the right trees

Try to pick evergreen that tends to grow upwards then outwards. These trees will be tall and thin and can be paired up with dwarf varieties to have a lush appeal.

5. Level up your yard

When you have a small yard, try to level up your yard, in order to have a more structurally elevated yard that will make people believe that you have a bigger yard. You can achieve this by incorporating terrace landscaping into your design.

6. Avoid using fence everywhere

Anything without boundaries seems to be bigger. Let your garden as well enjoy the same appeal by creating less or no boundaries (fence). This can make people believe that you have a wider and longer property line.

7. Try to plant vertically

Do not try to clutter your space with shrubs and ground-growing plants. Try to imagine your backyard design more vertically. Choose hanging baskets to plant more trees. This will help make-believe people that your garden has a bigger space.

8. Settle for small furniture

Bigger furniture will take up a lot of space. This can be a good idea for a big garden area but is a complete ‘no-no’ for small yards as the big furniture can make your garden appear smaller than it really is as it will take up a chunk of space from a scarce plot.

9. Purchase smartly

Be smart and buy outdoor furniture that can be functional yet versatile. You can purchase:

  • Foldable chairs
  • Portable fire-pits

And other removable elements.

Such elements can be moved to the garage when you feel that your backyard needs more space.

10. Add Texture

Try to create an illusion of depth by adding differently textured plants. You can couple ornamental grasses with Canna lilies and have an55 eye-catching effect on your guests.

11. Make your backyard curvy

Straight gardens are quite blunt and unpleasant to look at. Add dimensions by curving your landscape’s edges and garden paths. The curvy shape will let the the eyes have a sense of movement due to which your garden will look more open.

12. Do not have storage bins in your garden

Do not dispose of everything in your backyard. It should be a place for you to relax and not act like a storeroom. Try to stash away your unwanted clucks and clutter into your garage and have a more streamlined property.

13. Blend your outdoor and indoor living space

Blending your indoor and outdoor living spaces will help your space have a transition from to close or small space into an open one. As the boundaries get removed, your yard will look bigger.

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