Did you know that landscape installation can enhance the curb appeal of your home and enhance its property value by 20 percent?

Research indicates that the value of a well-landscaped property with good installations and features is more than the one whose landscape is not properly maintained.

What Does Landscape Installation Entail?

So what is landscape installation?

Just as you add different decor items to the inside of your home to make it look more beautiful, landscape installation is the addition of elements on the outside of your home to enhance its beauty.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about landscaping installations so you can make an informed decision.

What Does Landscape Installation Include?

Landscape installation includes the addition of elements that enhance the aesthetic value of your property. These features may include new lawns and yards, gardens, patios, walkways, retaining walls and more.

The whole process is quite intensive. For instance, before undertaking plantings as part of the softscape, a landscaper will undertake bed preparation and work on making soil amendments to improve drainage, pH values and soil conditions. A landscaper in Toronto may also top dress the soil with hardwood mulch for weed suppression, moisture conservation and prevention of soil erosion.

Hardscaping is another important element that is growing in popularity. Experienced landscaping companies have the resources and expertise to install landscape boulders, water features, special mulches, and to help enhance the beauty of the property.

Why Do You Need Landscape Installation?

If you have invested in your home and want its value to grow, landscape installation is an excellent way to achieve this. An unkempt property is unsightly and can depreciate the value of your home. A well-maintained lawn and landscape installations add value to the property.

Besides adding to the beauty of your property, landscape installations can also help you do your bit to better the environment. Most landscape designers advocate the use of plants to enhance the aesthetic value of a property. They can improve the natural drainage system of the soil and absorb the excess groundwater. The addition of trees to the landscape is a great way to save energy. With more greenery and shade around the house, you will not have to depend on as much air conditioning as you do without them.

Hiring Professionals for Landscape Installation

You may find several landscaping companies around you. However, keep the following points in mind while picking out a landscape architect or designer to do the job:

  • The landscape installation service provider should be able to understand your needs. You can discuss the requirements in detail and learn what each of your shortlisted vendors has to offer.
  • If you are keen on the use of organic products and practices, make sure you communicate this clearly to the landscape designer before the project begins.
  • Plan well in advance, especially if the landscaping is being done for a special event. You can discuss this in detail with your landscaper and understand timelines.
  • Read reviews of the landscaping companies you are approaching for the job. Several dedicated websites offer detailed reviews of companies and their services.
  • You may find landscapers who offer free first consultations. But do keep in mind that others may charge you even for the first consultation.
  • Understand all aspects of the contract before you sign it. The cost sheet should not have any hidden costs and must include the expenses and warranties.
  • Check if maintenance is included in the project price. You may want to get a clause included on post-installation maintenance for your new landscape.

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