Modern landscaping is not just considered as a technique to increase the appeal of your house anymore, it is now a form of art. They feature concrete paths, staircases, and landings, planters and patios.

One of the features incorporated in modern landscaping is the usage of interlocking pavements. Paver joining sand and stone interlocked creates a material that can withstand great weights. Weight is equally distributed on the pavers and thereby, helps with stability.

Although pavers are easy to install, they need to be done right. They come in different colours, designs, and styles and are, therefore, very popular amongst homeowners. A good installation can result in the creation of a durable long-term surface. Here are a few ways you can use interlocking pavers in your landscape design.

Interlocking Pavers

  • Garden Pathways and Walkways

It could be a pathway in your garden or the pathway to your front door, using interlocking pavers can liven the look of your path.

It could get awfully disappointing if after carefully nourishing and nurturing your garden, someone steps on it to take a stroll. To completely avoid this situation, you could use pavers to help direct the foot traffic through your garden. Using interlocking pavers for walkways can help in easier cleaning and maintenance.

  • Driveways and Parking spaces

Interlocking paver stones are meant to take heavy loads. The main advantage of using interlocking pavers is that they evenly distribute weight and provide stability. They can withstand heavy weights, especially vehicular weights. They can also be customized to make the driveway more attractive. A combination of interlocking stones with different colours can be used to give your driveway a beautiful look. An interlocking driveway is a more feasible and durable option than most other driveways.

  • Staircases

Outdoor staircases and steps also can use interlocking pavers. These backyard interlocking pavers add to the charm of your backyard. Since they come in different designs, they also appear elegant and stylish. They are durable than most other materials. Therefore, their maintenance charges are cut down incredibly and are long-lasting.

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  • Poolside Decks

Interlocking pavers are usually made of concrete which remains cool even in harsh or hot weather conditions. While most other stones become hot due to the weather, concrete pavers remain cool. Since they have a wide range of designs, colours, and types, light-coloured concrete pavers remain cooler.

  • Walls

One of the modern landscape design that has been trending is having a feature wall either inside or outside the house. Residential interlocking pavers can be used to create beautifully designed walls. Walls outside can also be used as a fence to protect your house.

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