For some of us our backyards and front yards are the center of attraction. We toil hard to keep them stylish and modern. One of the most popular techniques to decorate your outdoor is using appropriate lighting. This of course isn’t in any way a new technique. However, using lights to decorate your space to create a desired ambience will never go out of fashion.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Most landscapers these days provide exquisite outdoor lighting installations and landscape lighting to lift the allure of your house.

Here are a few techniques you could use for outdoor landscape lighting.

  • One of the most popular lighting techniques is highlighting. If your backyard or front yard has plenty of trees or has an architectural feature that you would like to highlight, showcase these features by placing the lights at the right angle and distance from the feature. Depending on the size of the feature, use the appropriate amount of lights.
  • Use outdoor garden lights to create silhouettes of features. If placed correctly, these lights can intensify the look of the feature on the wall and enhance the beauty of the space. This technique could be used with features or even with well-trimmed and shaped bushes. Use a spotlight and place them right next to the feature however, directed toward the adjacent wall to obtain the best silhouette.
  • Similar to silhouettes, you could also create shadows by placing the lights at the base of the feature, plants or wall to create a soft shadow on the wall. By doing so, the shadow of the feature falls on the wall and even the slightest movement of the feature can enhance the mystique of the setting.
  • One of the ways to provide a good look to the building itself could be by using the up-lighting method. Spotlights are placed closer to the building facing upward to give the house a contrasting dark and light look. An alternative to this would be down-lighting. Place the fixtures high up and facing downwards. This could help illuminate a certain part of the house.
  • Some people also hang a full glare light in their backyard or front yard to give a moonlight effect. More than one such light can be used to create patterns.
  • If your garden has steps and staircases or even pathways, lighting them could be a great idea. Small fittings that run along the pathway can create a romantic ambience.
  • Using a narrow beam spotlight to either as up-light or down-light can help accentuate the feature. This is called accent lighting. To bring attention to a feature or a part of the feature use hidden lights.

Best Outdoor Lighting Design and Landscaping, Toronto

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