Steps are designed to act as a transition between changing levels. Furthermore, they also bring aesthetic value to space. Some stairs are also used as centerpieces. However, designing and constructing staircases is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. A small mistake can cause a huge fall, quite literally.

If you are looking to add something unique to your landscape, incorporating stairs in your garden is a great way! Read on to learn how to design stairs in your backyard or garden.

Steps to Incorporate Staircase as a Part of the Landscape Design

There are two parts to designing a staircase: technicalities of building a staircase and designing the appearance.

  • Building Your Staircase – The Technicalities

Most often, we go wrong in understanding the dimensions of a staircase. The dimensions of the staircase used inside a house have to be different from the one used outdoor. It helps to consider the following.

Tread: A tread is the horizontal surface of a stair and must be a minimum of 0.30m or 12 inches.

Riser: Risers are the vertical surfaces between two treads. For outdoors, they must be a maximum of 0.15m or 6 inches.

  • Building Your Staircase – Choosing the Right Material

Concrete Staircases: These staircases have a better lifespan and are commonly used for outdoor stairs.

Concrete Staircases

Stone Staircases: They are a popular alternative to concrete staircases because of their durability and aesthetically pleasing quality.

Stone Staircases

Metal: Although slightly expensive, metal staircases can be ideal due to their resistance to extreme climatic conditions.

Metal Staircases

Wood: Wooden stairs make some of the most beautiful staircases. However, they need to be maintained well.

Wooden Stairs

  • Designing Your Staircase – Selecting the Style

Straight, L-shaped and U-shaped staircases: These are some of the common staircase designs. Paired with the appropriate railing, these staircases are affordable and serve the basic purpose.

Winder Stairs: Although very much like the L-shaped stairs, they are more continuous and do not have landings or wider treads which help in changing direction while taking stairs.

Winder Stairs

Spiral Staircases: These staircases are beautiful and alluring. Moreover, they are impeccable for small spaces.

Spiral Staircases

Ladder Staircases: Similar to the spiral stairs, these staircases are the best for small or tight spaces. They are also stylish and can be created without risers to create an illusion of floating stairs.

Ladder Staircases

  • Designing Your Staircase – Modern Designs

Stone-age: Uplift your landscape design by creating a stone-age look. Use a wide stone staircase and adorn it with ornamental plants to give it a natural look and feel.

Wide Stone Staircase

Stars and Stairs: One of the trending staircase designs is to light up the staircase. Add LED lights to the treads and railings to make it look like you are ascending or descending a stairway to heaven.

Stars and Stairs

Harry Potter Stairs: Yes, you read it right. You could create storage spaces with stairs to store tools and gardening materials.

Harry Potter Stairs

Planter’s Haven: Staircases can be designed to create pouches for plant pots which adds to the elegance of the staircase.

Planter’s Haven

Tiles-it: Staircases with tiles for raisers are now in the trend. They give a hippy and colourful outlook.

Staircases with tiles

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