Driveways form an essential part of the front yard landscaping plans and designs. If planned adequately, besides being functional, they can also be a decorative feature and can enhance the curb appeal of your place, ultimately raising the overall value of your property.

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Front Yard Landscaping & Driveway Designs & Ideas

Based on your budget, you must consider the following aspects for a well-designed and planned driveway:

Driveway Design Layout

Whether you own a large property or a smaller one, the design and layout of the driveway will depend on its purpose. So you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will I need to park my cars here?
  • How many cars will I park?
  • Do I need to leave space for other cars to pass the parked ones?
  • How much area will I require for a turn-around?

Additionally, you must also consider the terrain, for instance, existing trees in the property that may be in the way, and slope of the region.

Shape of the Driveway

An essential aspect to be included in landscape plans for driveways is the water outlets, i.e., to divert water adequately into gutters or drains. Some of the most preferred layouts are:

  • Circular
    Also known as horseshoe driveway, it is quite popular with homeowners with houses that have plenty of parking lots. It adds more character to the house and makes it possible for you to drive your car back to the street without backing out.
  • Curved
    Besides enhancing the outlook, it can help you avoid obstructions like trees on the property. However, you must make sure that the angle of the curve is easy enough to help you navigate without much effort.
  • Straight
    It is best suited for those properties which have a garage facing the street and directly lined up with the curb. Additionally, it is also preferred for the picturesque view of trees lined up on both sides of the path.

Paving Materials for Driveway

There are several paving materials available for driveways such as poured or stamped concrete, asphalt, and so on. You can also mix the materials to get various colors, shapes, and patterns for the pavers. A professional landscaper can help you decide the best material for paving.

Accessories for Driveway

Adding accessories will enhance the outlook of your front yard. Listed below are a few of the ideas:

  • Unique planters and seasonal flowers to line up the driveway.
  • Incorporating focal points like a fountain in case of curved or circular layouts.
  • Using lights to illuminate the space.
  • Planting trees along the way.

Permits & Legal Aspects

It is vital to ensure that all the legal aspects regarding driveways in your region have been followed adequately. You must obtain the approval of the specified authority for your neighborhood and pay the applicable fees.

Highlights of Driveway Construction

Here is a summary of the main aspects for driveway landscaping:

  • Four essentials: safety, access, water outlet (drainage), and appearance.
  • Compare which layout suits your house: circular, straight, or curved.
  • Determine its width and length based on the total available area and property layout.
  • Decide on the paving materials and accessories for a better outlook.
  • Ensure that you adhere to all the legal aspects.

Contact the Experts for Front Yard Landscaping & Driveway Designing

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