Landscaping always enhances the appearance of the property including its resale value. Considering hardscaping, the other component of landscaping, can add more value to it. The greens and the structures blend together augmenting texture and beauty of the place.

Another reason to add hardscaping to your landscape would be low maintenance. Larger outdoor spaces require more time, efforts, and cost to keep them in good condition. Hardscaping structures in such places reduce your regular care-attention and maintenance cost without compromising with the beauty of the place. In other words, a good balance of the greens and hardscape structures can create an aesthetic effect.

How to Enhance Your Landscape with Hardscaping

What is Hardscaping!

Hardscaping is an alluring feature mostly referring to the non-green design elements in the yard. Landscape architects in Toronto are known for hardscaping projects such as building patios, rock-designs, pavements, walkways, etc. Basically, these projects include materials such as stone, wood, concrete, etc. adding structures to the landscape and complementing the greener side, the natural beauty of the garden or yard. In other words, hardscape structures enhance the beauty and value of your landscape.

Let us check some ideas on how to enhance your landscape with hardscaping.

Besides adding the luxury factor in your yard, hardscaping increases the resale value of the property. There are many other factors, why people call for landscape architects in Toronto.

  • Fences provide privacy, moreover, you can divide sections in the yard based on your requirements.
  • Enhance the beauty of the yard by building amazing structures, pavements, walkways, waterfalls, covered patio, pools, fireplaces, etc. in the yard.

Decks & Elevated Bar

  • Deck is one of the most popular hardscaping ideas people use for their yards. Elevated structures can create more space in the yard. However, be careful while designing a deck as it should complement the house architecture.


  • Patios definitely look more gorgeous besides their low maintenance feature. This outdoor space can be used for dining, spending some family time together, or for recreational purpose. If planned close to the back-entry of the house, it can serve as an extension.


  • Use natural stone as material to create a walkway. This can result in an environment-friendly surface. Moreover, stones allow water to flow through them.

Fireplace & Barbeques

  • Fireplaces and barbeques are most common yard ideas. These provide an easy way to enjoy the cold weather outdoors. Fire features built with bricks, stone, rock, etc. provide a very quintessential look.


  • Water features could be in the form of waterfalls, ponds, or swimming pool. Even hot tubs sound great especially, for colder regions. A small fountain with wonderful lights in the middle of the garden can give an extraordinary look to it.

Designed walls to separate sections of the yard

  • Stone or wooden walls are one of the best hardscaping ideas any landscape architect would suggest. They not only enhance the beauty of the yard, but also reduce soil erosion, conserve water, and help to divide sections in the yard. Moreover, if there is less space around, build a green-wall, that is, add vertical plants on the wall.


  • Statues made of stone, concrete, or rock are always in demand when talking about hardscaping projects. Choose the design that best suits the house architecture and your taste.

Hardscaping reduces the maintenance cost of the lawn as the walkways, decks, and other structures do not require regular attention. Therefore, you can save a lot of time and money.

There are various features included in the hardscaping designs. But the most important factor is to blend the existing landscape with the hardscape elements to create an amazingly beautiful environment.

Landscape architects can guide you with the best possible hardscaping options depending on the shape and size of the yard, but everything will depend on your taste and requirements. Based on your financials, you can choose the landscaping architecture designs for your yard. But sometimes, just a rock pathway is all it requires to add dimension to your landscape. A beautifully built driveway or a road to the front door of the house can be more eye-catching. Besides doing all the research for yourself, call in the experts to plan and execute your hardscaping project.

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