Commercial properties should look good – after all, an attractive and well-maintained exterior is far more enticing than just an average looking work area. Lack of proper designing or maintenance makes the building surroundings dark and un-inviting. Therefore, if you plan to consult a commercial landscaping service company for your premises in Toronto, choose the perfect fit which would enhance the beauty of the building at its best.

While having the list in hand, there can be a lot of questions in your mind you would want to ask your potential hire for commercial landscaping services in Toronto. Clear all your doubts before finalizing the best fit for your project.

Start by getting the answers to these common questions:

  • What kind of services are offered?

It is important to check the areas where the commercial landscaping service providers in Toronto expertise. Check for their innovative landscaping solutions and any past corporate property enhancement projects similar to yours.

Is designing, installations, maintenance, mowing, landscape enhancements, pruning, snow management, construction work, etc. everything included in their task-list! You may not need all of them now but you wouldn’t want to go searching again for another service provider later. Therefore, make sure they meet all your landscape project requirements.

A company can either specialize in one particular task or provide all the services related to commercial landscaping – most of them prefer the latter. You would also want a one-stop solution provider with no searching hassles in the future.

Check if all the services are in-house. Commercial landscaping service companies might tend to outsource some of the work which they aren’t able to manage. Have complete clarity rather than being surprised later.

Services offered by them could be – landscape designing, maintenance, construction work, planting tress & shrubs, water & snow management, irrigation, etc. are to name a few.

The contract should have all the details about the services offered by the company to you including pruning, number of mowing, installations, number of trees planting, etc. If outsourced, know the point of contact.

  • Is the company covered with proper insurance and license?

Is the landscaping company in Toronto capable enough to manage your project? Does it have all the certificates, insurance, and qualifications? Some of the landscaping tasks require licensing. These questions would be the first to pop up in your head when you wish to talk to a commercial landscaping company for your project. Ask for copies of their certificates.

Insurance coverage is important both for the company and would-be clients. For the latter, it is basically to protect your property from any damage during the work. On the other hand, workmans’s compensation is also important as it takes care if a worker meets with an accident at the site. If the company doesn’t have this covered, you will be responsible at this point.

  • What kind of safety measures are taken while on-site?

Insurance is a must, however, you still wouldn’t want any kind of accidents happening on your site. Check with the safety measure that the company takes with the employees working on-site, the property, and the people in the area.

Past work of the company would help you understand the incidents/accidents if any and the kind of safety measures taken before and after.

  • How old is the company?

Besides becoming an expert in your domain, with ‘experience’ you learn to tackle unexpected situations. Check the number of years the company has been into business and whether handled this kind of project earlier. Also, ask for previous feedbacks and comments from old clients. This will give you a little confidence if you wish to consider this company as the right fit for your tasks.

Landscaping has great value and for clients as well it is important to find an exceptionally good landscaping company which can provide a complete package along with being affordable.

Choose a company which is transparent about the contract and services provided. Leave no stones unturned before finalizing the best fit for your commercial landscaping project. You wouldn’t want to repeat this tedious process all over again! Therefore, clarify all your doubts and then say yes.

If you are looking to hire a professional company providing commercial landscaping services, Land-Con is the right choice! Give us a call on 416.504.5263 to learn more about us and discuss your needs.