Landscaping, in Toronto, isn’t the thought we have when we think about winter renovations. Landscaping for winter for homeowners refers to clearing out the snow from the driveway and trees or watering indoor plants.

Winter Landscaping

Many Ask, Can You Landscape In The Winter Season?

What if we tell you that you can do more and convert your snow-covered backyard into a winter wonderland? Winter landscaping in Toronto will add colour to your white slates (snow), giving your property more character, indeed more warmth.

Landscaping During The Winter Month

There are many tricks that we have noticed in Toronto landscaping designs, that can help you understand winter landscaping more.

  • Strategically-positioned spotlights
  • Mini-lights strung along bare tree branches
  • Walkways and driveways lined with accent urns
  • Seasonal potted plants in open or bare spaces
  • An outdoor seating area, complete with a fire pit
  • Hanging baskets in doorways and exterior walls
  • Evergreen boughs adorning arches/trellises/railings

What Should You Avoid In Winters?

While installing these features, you should pay close attention to the future weather, as when the snow clears out, you should not be left with a backyard that looks unattractive. So, the homeowners should avoid the following activities in order to have an all-weather beautiful landscape.

  • Letting snow and ice from tree and shrub branches bang on the home
  • Allowing ice-melting products to enter your garden area
  • Letting heavy snow pile up on delicate branches
  • Allowing heavy snow to cascade on the garden
  • Placing ladders around your garden without any safety

There are many home-owners who love the idea of winter landscaping but do not have the time or vision for it. Thus they are scared to construct the winter landscape on their own. In such a situation, you can contact Toronto landscaping companies to take care of your backyard for you.

This will let the homeowners have the convenience to collaborate with the Toronto Landscaping companies, in their own time.

Toronto Landscaping Services You Should Consider

Toronto landscaping companies help to incorporate elegant features and plantings that can withstand the harsh winters. These landscaping companies can highlight the best elements of your house while elevating the appeal and appreciating the value of your home, all year round.

These are some elements that the Toronto landscaping companies will blend the following aspects that help to have highly beautiful and durable backyard landscaping for all seasons.

  • Native and Colourful Plants: Selecting ideal choices of plants that meet all your requirements for a beautiful backyard landscape.
  • Planting Trees: Planting trees that are appropriate for your home and add security and purpose to your backyard.
  • Installation of natural stone: Developing walkways and pathways using natural or exquisite stones, depending upon your budget and need.
  • Wooden Construction: Such constructions can make you have an outdoor extension to your normal backyard. These constructions can include pergolas, arbours, and more.
  • Creating an entertainment area: Make your home entertainment central with outdoor bars and kitchens. You can also have alfresco dining by adding outdoor furniture.
  • Permanent Lighting Solutions

Choosing The Right Toronto Landscaping Company

The services mentioned above are very general. The real difference is choosing the right Toronto landscaping company. An experienced and professional landscaping company can do wonders for your wonderland. Choose Land-con and sit back as they take over your backyard and create a landscape design that is all-weather beautiful. Call us at 416.504.5263 and ask for an expert consultation.

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