Spring is the ideal season to commence your landscaping renovation. With the ice and snow gone, it will be great to dive straight into your backyard and front yard landscape renovations. To dive straight in, you need to plan ahead. With a long winter your way, you can plan ahead for spring and look for inspirations.

To help you plan better, we have mentioned 5 different ways to innovate your existing front yard design by renovating it!

Front Yard Design

1. Play With Space

This the most underutilized tip. People while creating their new front yard design, become very conscious while playing with the safe. They try to settle for hardscapes and fewer elements, in order to avoid a cluster of many things in one place. We would suggest that you open up your vision and play with space a little more. Add plants and trees to make your garden lively and attractive while giving it a perspective. If you are still scared, hire a professional landscape designer to help you design a great front yard landscape.

2. Get New Tile Work

If you are renovating for a dramatic change, consider getting a new tile work. Changing the tiles can enhance the visual appeal greatly. You can try having a better walkway with materials ranging from concrete to porcelain.

3. Play With Plants

This is similar to playing with space. With plants, we ask you to be courageous in your choices towards planting a tree or perennials. You should pay close attention to the following:

  • Try choosing more than 2 plants and place them in unique sequences to have the most out of your front yard design.
  • Try planting the shrubs and perennials in a line, in order to draw more attention from the on-lookers.
  • Set an entire section up with the help of proper plant work and hedging

4. Make a Timely Statement

With a timely statement, we ask you to pick a style. Over the years, we have had some classic designs that have become the people’s favourite. If you are someone who is scared of a drastic change and wish to play safe, then do select a classic style and stick to it. Such classic designs ensure that your front yard design will be timeless, irrespective of the current trend.

Other General Tips Towards Creating a Beautiful Curb Appeal

  • Make your landscaping well done and welcoming by going minimalistic. Play around with space and plants but make sure that it does not look shabby.
  • Use formal design elements to have a cleaner look with a mix of fruit-bearing and non-fruit bearing plants.
  • Use taller shrubs near to your wall and shorter ones ahead.
  • Let your front yard design have 2 to 3 layers of plants, to generate a depth.
  • Maintain continuity and simplicity by placing the same species of plants together. Let your front yard landscape have more harmony.
  • Use taller shrubs or ornamental trees to cover your corners of the home.

Generate a Better Visual Appeal Of Your Home Today!

If this all seems confusing and more like a work of an expert, then we think you should probably leave your front yard landscaping to the professionals. Call Land-con at 416.504.5263 or drop us a mail on info@landcon.ca to inquire more about our services and to get a free consultation. Contact now!