When homeowners think about landscape designing they naturally imagine the greens blooming but they forget about the harsh winter that can adversely affect their outdoors. Winter can seem to be a long and cold season. Many people forget to think about it, putting their landscape work in jeopardy. We, being among the leading landscaping contractors in Toronto, have helped many of our clients with winter maintenance and snow management. These winter landscaping services can save you a great deal of money in spring when your garden is supposed to blossom. Although it may seem to be a costly affair for many, here are a few ways you can limit or cut these costs and yet have a beautiful landscape.

Landscape in Winter

How to Decrease the Snow Removal and Management Costs?

Designing is the crucial aspect that sadly people do not pay close attention to. It is not only about what plant you choose or where you place them but it’s more about how you plan your other elements like driveways, patios and swimming pool installations. There are many landscaping designs that do not take winter into account and thus end up incurring more cost on snow management and snow removal services. Here are a few landscaping designs that can help you cut down on landscaping costs in winter.

1. Wide Driveways

A plough truck is the cheapest way for snow removal, but it is bigger in size and cannot enter your backyard space through a small driveway. Get wider driveways which can allow the plough truck to access your backyard.

2. Make Place For Snow

Leave about 4 to 5 foot of space near the driveway lines, to store the snow. This can help you to move the snow easily off the driveway.

3. Plant Your Landscape To Be More Visible

In a country like Canada that experiences a huge snowfall, can make your landscape invisible in Winter. Try to give your landscape a bit of elevation so that it becomes easy to clear the snow and increase visibility during the cold season.

4. Have Walkways with Even Surface

Try to give your landscape a bit of elevation so that it becomes easy to clear the snow and increase visibility during the cold season. Try installing even surfaced walkways so you can have fewer mishaps in winters.

5. Avoid Other Elements Near the Driveway

Along with a wider driveway, owners should also not install any lighting post and design element anywhere near it. It can impose difficulties for the plough truck to get in without any damage to the property.

Beyond these, there are ways to keep your backyard open to use in Winter.

How to Keep Your Landscape Open Even in Winters?

You can easily make your landscape safe and usable in winters by paying a little attention to its designing process. Many homeowners install outdoor kitchens and hot tubs to enjoy the most out of their landscape. Other than these, try considering the following upgrades to have the most from your backyard landscaping, even in winters!

1. Heaters For Pathways

Heaters for pathways will keep them from thawing in winters. It keeps the pathways warm and non-slippery.

2. Build a Proper Structure

When you are installing hot tubs and outdoor kitchens, try installing bigger outdoor structures around them which will help you to be cold resistant. You can also install an indoor swimming pool, with an opening in the backyard and strong glass walls. This will create an amazing illusion of swimming between the snow, without catching a cold.

3. Install Low Voltage Lightings

If you have a home near to the green area, you will be surprised as to how many wildlife animals you can encounter by installing low voltage lights. You can also use these lights in uplighting or downlighting the trees.

4. Winter Plants

When planting, try using the evergreens or dried ornamental grasses that can withstand cold winters easily and still manage to add beauty and grace to your backyard landscaping.

Also, keep in mind a certain Dos and Don’ts while winter landscape designing.

  • Pavers are a superior choice as they can provide better grip to your feet. Do choose them for pathways.
  • Do source your stone installations locally as they will be as per your weather condition.
  • If you have slippery or grit stones, do use a sealant to make them walkable
  • Plastic edging is not an appropriate choice for homes in a colder climate. Don’t use it!
  • Never settle for a cheaper quality of wood. Always choose the best for your backyard landscaping.

Looking For Affordable Winter Landscaping Services?

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