Giving space to your pets is the only way to keep them healthy. With giving space we do not want you to leave them alone but provide them with better playing area and open space.

If you are already concerned about your pets’ health and want them to be romping around happily then do consider adding pet-friendly landscaping in Toronto. This can be challenging for a few as they might be looking forward to having delicate fixtures in their backyard which may or may not be suitable with their pet. To avoid making such mistakes, sit with your landscape contractor and be clear about the pets you have or are willing to have and they might be able to tell you better on the amenities that will work best with your pet.

But if you are looking on designing the backyard on your own, then here we have suggested a few pet-friendly landscaping tips and ideas that will keep your pets happy and healthy!

Pet-Friendly Landscaping Toronto

1. Keep the water flowing

Let your pets splash around in your backyard by adding a water feature. You can install a stream or splash fountain. These are the features that even you will enjoy having.

You can also think about adding a small pond or pool, especially when you have a pet dog. But you will need to have appropriate safety checks before you let your dog inside the pool or pond. The pool should have a provision for your dog to get out of it if they fall inside. This can be achieved with the help of shallow steps and sloping sides.

2. Consider their safety

Our pets do well with boundaries. They can stay without a leash when they are trained. If not trained, you should keep them leashed when you step outside so that they don’t wander off. This is applicable for your backyard design as well.

No, we are not asking you to leash your pets in your backyard but simply suggesting that your backyard should have proper boundaries and fencing. If you have a pet dog, you would want to opt for a larger area that is fully fenced, to keep your dog free from a leash and safe as well.

3. Get better shade and shelter

Even pets can suffer from heatstroke and sunburn. To save them from this sufferage consider creating plenty of shade in your backyard with trees. But many houses cannot have a tree in their backyard. If such is the case with your home, you can choose to have shade cloths for your pets. You can also add small gazebos.

If you have more space to spare, add a separate area for your pets. You can incorporate a small yard in your landscaping in Toronto by choosing an aesthetically sound structure. There are many available online and no they are not made of plastic!

4. Keep a definite space for a play area

Some pets are over-enthusiastic. For instance, if you have a dog then you will have definitely faced the problem of them being hyper at times. This is a sign that the dog is not tired. If you want your dog to be happy, he/she needs to be tired.

Assign a space in your backyard for your dog and keep it open for the dog to chase and run. The assigned space should be as large as possible, that can allow them to move freely.

5. Choose appropriate landscaping materials

As suggested earlier, not every element will be suited for your pet. Choose wisely on the landscaping materials, depending upon the size of your pet. You will have to consult a landscape designer in Toronto, for the same.

6. Add elements that are friendly to your pet

Pets are inquisitive by nature. They like to explore and wander on their own. But sometimes, in the pursuit of knowing everything, they can become nosy and get themselves stuck between fences. To avoid this, you can create a separate window for them, which can allow them to see everything when their inquisitiveness takes over.

If you have a cat then you know that they do not wish to be treated anyway less than a queen. They like their own sitting place that has to be nice and warm for them to laze around. Thus, you can add a separate sitting space for them.

Make your landscaping in Toronto Playful for your Pets!

Make your landscape as playful as possible for your pets to enjoy. You can also add several play courses which can help you to host several pet events in your backyard. But do not take the task of making this pet haven on yourself. Hire a professional landscape architect who can provide superior pet-friendly landscaping in Toronto.

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