Deck designs are really beautiful in adding more appeal to your house. There are many options that you need to look into while having a deck installation. All these options are great, due to which you can get confused. Also, not all the options will be suitable for you and your home. Due to this, you need to know the things that you need to consider before having a deck installation.

deck designs

1. Make Plans Before Jumping into Deck Project

Before you jump in on deciding the kind of deck you want, you will first have to decide and choose between installing a deck or patio. This will solely depend on the size of the area you have available for installation. After making the decision of getting a deck, you might have to set aside a budget and even think about either doing it on your own or calling a professional to your rescue.

2. Purpose, Function and Uses

A deck can be used for many purposes which include:

  • Dining
  • Pool and spa
  • Privacy
  • Growing a vegetable garden on a deck
  • Entertainment zone

This decision is also based on the location of your house which determines the weather it will face the most. Based on this, you can choose appropriate materials and even extend your living space.

3. Location

While planning on the layout of your deck, you need to pick a location that is suitable for the installation. There are several factors that govern this selection of area, like:

  • Shade and sun
  • Size of your house
  • Amount of rain or snow that the house witnesses
  • The direction of the wind
  • View attached to your home
  • The locality of your house

Deck with a view is always better, thus try to place it where you can have the best of view of your home.

4. Budget

Every rational and practical decision depends mainly on one factor, the money involved in it. While many just consider their spending capacity while fixing a budget, we ask our clients to think beyond it and focus on the following:

  • Intricacy of design
  • Size of the installation needed
  • Extra elements like built-in seats, railings, flower boxes and more
  • Choice of lumber and its cost

Do not be very scared of the budget. Be creative and hire a professional that can fulfill your creative deck, within your budget.

5. Decking Materials

Though there are many houses who have a wooden deck, it is now considered as a primitive material. With the new advancement in the decking materials, you need to check out the other materials like:

  • Brazilian, teak and ipe for hardwoods
  • Redwood, cedar and other weather resistant woods
  • Recycled plastic and wood fiber for a composite decking
  • Aluminum and plastic for a superior finish

6. Deck Design, Size and Shape

If you have a small space, then choose a small deck and if you have a big space then a big one, it is that simple. Designs can be many but focus on leading lines towards the structure, transition of the design between the interiors and the exteriors of your home, and proportion of your home and structure. While designing, the two aspects that are really important are:

  • The deck should completement the architectural appeal of your home
  • Try to include the surroundings of your home into your design so it blends beautifully

7. Other Deck Structures

Simple decks might look decent but they will feel empty. To make it a wholesome one, you need to add other elements like railings, roof or deck furniture.

8. Building Codes and Legal Requirements

In order to commence the construction, you require proper legal approval from your city. Check out your city’s legal website to know all about the zoning codes. Other than this, if you are living in a building, then there are certain building codes you need to follow, meet your building manager to know about it.

9. Deck Lighting

Nothing is complete without proper lighting. Deck lighting is a brilliant way to show off your beautiful deck, even at night. While decking up your deck, you should light up the following:

  • Stairs
  • Pathways
  • Wall near your deck
  • Spotlights across your landscape
  • Outdoor kitchen and other landscape structures

10. Hire Professionals

For superior results, hire a professional. The DIY project seems like fun unless you are mid-way through it, tired and lost. Save yourself from wasting time and money by hiring an expert landscape designer.

Don’t know which one to choose from many deck builders in Toronto? Call Land-con and ask for a free consultation. We provide exquisite deck designs while letting you have a wholesome deck installation. Give us a call at 416.504.5263 to know more!

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