A deck is indeed one of the most beautiful things to have in the backyard of your house alongside the swimming pool. Isn’t it amazing to choose from the different designs that justify your house with a perfect patio!

Well, with this blog, we will help you understand the factors that affect the cost of building a deck design. Before that, let’s focus on the different designs that are best for building a pool.

deck design

Why design a deck for your backyard swimming pool?

Homeowners choose to design a pool deck beside the swimming pool to enhance their pool exterior. Many times it is just not about the exterior; it is about the relaxation or party ideas that inspire you to have a cool patio around the corner of your pool. Homeowners also choose to have a sun deck for a healthy swimming habit. Indeed, the reasons are infinite that makes one inspire for a pool deck design.

Deck With Pergola Design In Toronto

When we are talking about the pergola deck design, we refer to the backyard designing of your house. If designed thoughtfully and with a theme, your outdoor exterior can super enhance the beauty of your house. There are some amazing pergola deck designs to choose from when you are living in Toronto. You can choose from the old romantic pergola design, modern minimalist, side curtains, private corner, garden swings, garden pod, etc.

Factors affecting the cost of building a pergola pool deck design

In total, a lot of factors affect the cost of building a pool deck in the backyard of your house. We shall discuss each of these factors in detail.

  • Materials

The material is one of the most important factors deciding the cost. Depending on the type of material that you choose to build your pool deck with, the cost will range low, moderate or high. From choosing between aluminum, pressure-treated pine, redwood and cedar won’t cost you much as the material is generally inexpensive from the range of 2500 to 3800 dollars per sq.ft.

On the other hand, if you choose composite materials like plastic, PVC, vinyl etc. then it might prove a moderate range around 6000 dollars because of its durability. However, homeowners who prefer exotic hardwood such as teak, IPE or tigerwood must be ready to pay a handsome amount of dollars approx. 9000. The exotic hardwood will be extremely durable, rot-resistant and pest-resistant wood for your upcoming deck design.

  • Designs

Either it is interior or exterior, the main factor that decides the cost of your construction is the designing. Well, the modern design requires a good amount of raw materials and finishing to appear beautiful and exotic. Hence, the type of design eventually decides the type of material and further, the material decides the ‘costing’.

Considering the designing part, we can also conclude that the size of the deck also plays a major role in deciding the costing of the pool deck. More the size = more the materials and labour to be used. Smaller the size = less labour + less amount of materials. The equation is quite simple to understand when it comes to designing and size of your next pergola pool deck design in Toronto.

  • Labor

The type of labour that you choose for your pool deck’s designing and construction work will affect the costing part. Depending on the design that you choose for your backyard pool deck, you have to appoint the labour. The exotic and modern design will require professionals to work for your deck whereas any labour will build common patio designs in the town.

Talking about the decking contractor, they approximately charge between 30 to 35 dollars for the basic or common designs. If it is an exotic or modern design, the decking contractor may charge higher for allocating the most professional labour for building the backyard deck.

  • Other Factors

The season also plays a major role in deciding the cost factor of your next pool deck construction. Toronto experiences severe winter. If you approach your pool contractor during the winter season, the entire construction may prove affordable in spite of the material or designs that you choose. Winters are the best time for building a pool deck in your backyard.

You can approximately count the entire amount depending on the size of your backyard and the designs that you wish to choose for your next pool deck construction. However, choosing the construction period during the winter can help you save 20-30% of the entire construction budget in Toronto.

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