Each year, new gardening trends surface that adds a distinctive element or cause and changes the whole scenario of Landscape design. In 2018, the concepts that were common, yet stood out of were growing organic garden, a home in nature, a hideaway for wildlife and like. These concepts are more inclined towards nature and conservation. We have selected a few that we think are going to be ‘in’ in 2019.

1. The idea of a small garden

This year, designers took a pledge to make even the smallest of space useful and aesthetically appealing with landscape design solutions. While gardens have always been there, the innovative ideas that designers have brought to the table are commendable along with the idea of less being more.

We, at Land-con, believe that everything in a garden, even the littlest of thing should be multi-purpose. For the project in the above image, the designers, “proposed two different plans for the condo board, one of which was selected and constructed. The idea behind the space was to create something stunning to look at, as well as to become an inviting space for the residents to sit and relax, or party with friends. Because all units in the building look down directly into this space, the top view had to be impressive. This was achieved by using colors and materials influenced by the architecture of the building, as well as lots of greenery, and a large space of green turf. A renovation on top of a parking garage came with lots of planning and engineering, which was executed to perfection.”

garden design
2. A new way to Alfresco Dining!

You might have to carry your plate a bit further than your dining room for this, but trust us when we say that it will be completely worth it. The air in your garden will liberate you while enjoying a healthy meal with your family, together.

Landcon’s three tips to create an ultimate outdoor dining experience:

  • Make your dining space in-ground, while surrounding it with container plants
  • Choose amazing stamped concrete patio
  • Add a fire pit or pool

A new way to Alfresco Dining
For the above project, the designers had to create a space for our client’s big family to enjoy together. According to the designers, “We had to play with warm colors and textures to compliment with contrasting colors and lines in an attempt to tie the space together while keeping in mind the style of the home. We also added a double-sided bar/prep area, PVC deck with roof and stone / frosted glass privacy screen, comfortable lower tier sitting space, landscape lighting, unique decorative rocks, and large sitting space.

3. Going Green!

The problem lies in the notion that we are bigger than mother nature when it is so not true. Going green has been the new ‘in’ thing this season with many people going organic and producing organic food in their gardens.

Going Green

For our projects, we never overlook plants while designing. We focus on creating space which is more green than concrete unless the client suggests otherwise. In this project, we have created a space for producing homegrown organic food.

There are many seed companies who are producing DIY homegrown produce kits that can help grown-up individuals and kids to learn more about producing their own supplies.

4. Behold! The winter gardens arrive

We can relate to the off-putting views that people see in winters and so we bring amazing landscape designs and front yard design to make your winter graceful.

front yard design

For winters we plant low growing plants that are full of color, different texture, and are strong.

So which plants should you grow in winters?

a. Shrubs
b. Early Bloomers
c. Evergreens

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