With summer sun shining bright and high, what better way can you think of to spend your evenings than lounging around your garden blooming with beautiful flowers? Sounds wonderful, right? If you are wondering about the summer planters for your backyard garden, we’ve got you covered!

Summer Backyard Landscaping

Here are our top ten picks of beautiful summer flowers for backyard landscaping in Toronto:

1) White Petunias

These are a favorite of avid gardeners everywhere and are one of the most popular flowers. These can be grown from petunia seeds and transplants. Being resistant to heat, they do not require much water. They also come in several other colors like pink, blue, purple, and red.

2) Mandaville

Mandaville is a perfect summer choice because these gorgeous flowers happen to love the sun! They look absolutely great as a centerpiece of a planter. You must water these beauties slowly and thoroughly for the best results.

3) Trailing Ivy

These are one of the best sun-loving, hanging basket plants. They look great as an addition to hanging baskets, and you can use these to add more dimension to your backyard garden. All you need to do is water them regularly and ensure the soil is evenly moist.

4) Orange Begonias

These bright-colored blooms are quite popular as summer flowers and can be a lovely addition to your hanging basket aspect of backyard landscaping design. These are also available in pink, green, and white hues. You can create a cascade of beautiful colors with these pretty flowers.

5) Purple New Guinea Impatiens

These best thrive during the summers and can create an excellent impact with their beautiful color. These Impatiens do not require much maintenance, and can also be found in several gorgeous shades to add to the color pallet of your garden.

6) Geraniums

Geraniums are a classic garden plant and a pure delight to the senses! They have the longest blooming period of all garden flowers and are popular bedding plants. They come in the hues of pink, white, purple, orange, and red.

7) Dragon Wing Begonias

These are best suited for hot and humid climate and are known for their lush angel-wing shaped leaves as well as exotic bell-like blossoms in the shades of pink and red. You can trust them to add color to your garden all around the year! They can be planted almost anywhere, in baskets, containers, or in garden beds.

8) Elephants Ears

You can accommodate these plants to add a touch of bold, tropical aesthetics to your backyard garden. Their leaves with unique veinings are the highlight of these plants.

9) Red Million Bells

True to their name, these have lovely bell-shaped flowers. They love the sun which makes them a great addition to the summer garden. Besides red, they are also found in pink, white, and yellow colors.

10) Common Lavender

Lavender requires a lot of sun to grow which is why it is one of the most popular summer flowers. It also needs space and can thrive with less water in rocky regions. Its aromatic, gray-green foliage and beautiful bright purple flowers make it a favorite of many.

With this list of beautiful flowers, you can undoubtedly have an amazing backyard garden. Get started with planting them and be ready to have a genuine love affair with your garden this summer!

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