Well, now that you have decided to hire a professional to help you choose landscape designs for your place and begin with the landscaping process, stop for a minute and think:

Should I hire a landscape architect or a landscape designer?

Being one of the best Toronto landscape design firms, we are here to help you ascertain the answer.

Some of you may ask:
Is there a difference between a landscape designer and landscape architect?
Yes indeed! Although their work might seem to be similar, if you take an in-depth look at it, you will find that both the professionals are different.

To elaborate on the differences and help you understand better, we have put together the following:

Landscape Architects:

They typically hold a bachelor’s degree (and sometimes a master’s degree too) from a university. Besides, they must be licensed by the state to work and design landscape projects. Trained and licensed commercial and residential landscape architects can work on outdoor landscaping projects involving campuses, gardens, swimming pools, and so forth.

Landscape Architect

Landscape Designers:

You could say that they are the landscape architects without the license as it is not mandatory for them to be accredited with one. However, they have the skills, knowledge, expertise, and are trained to undertake landscaping projects. Typically, they work on small-scale projects, unlike the landscape architects.

Landscape Designers

So, how should you choose landscape professionals?

Here are a few helpful tips to choose between a landscape designer and landscape architect.

  • Size of the Project or Site

    Like we mentioned earlier, the primary distinction between both the professionals is that typically, landscape architects take up the large-scale projects, whereas the designers opt for the ones on a smaller scale.

  • Ecology & Horticulture

    If we look at the landscaping industry, the landscape designers have extensive knowledge as far as horticulture understanding and design is concerned. It certainly does not mean that the landscape architects do not possess the required horticultural knowledge.

  • Price Charged

    In general, the fee charged by a landscape architect is higher as compared to the landscape designers. It is mainly due to the educational qualification and credentials that the architects hold.

Who is more suitable for your project, residential landscape architects or residential landscape designers?

We can safely say that both the professionals are qualified to take up landscaping projects.

However, for residential landscaping projects that require landscaping on a massive level including significant planning, extensive structural designs, project management, and working with a consultant team, landscape architects would be recommended.

For residential landscape projects on a smaller scale involving plantation designs, planning, and implementation, opting for landscape designers would be wise.

Further, for best results, we would suggest you choose a landscape design company having both, the landscape architects and landscape designers. This way, you need not choose between both and can benefit immensely from their services. Thus, it is a smarter and more practical approach.

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