By the time you finish reading this, we guarantee that you’ll have a clear picture of what to expect when working with a landscape designer and landscape architect for your landscaping projects.

Before we begin with it, you should know what makes a landscape architect different from a landscape designer. Although they do the same type of work, to put it precisely, landscape architects are licensed, have a degree, and tend to be slightly more expensive than landscape designers.

Now that you know the difference, let’s take a look at a list of important things they wish you would know before starting any landscaping projects.

Landscape Designer & Architect

7 Essentials You Must Know When Working With a Landscape Designer & Architect

1. Working With a Landscape Architect & Designer Can Make Landscaping Easier

Since they are knowledgeable, have the experience, and can come up with accurate solutions required to do the job in the best possible way, working with them can make landscaping easy, efficient, and hassle-free.

2. They Don’t Merely Deal With Garden, Flowers and Yard

When we say landscaping, we don’t just mean creating a beautiful garden and lawn. A landscape designer or architect will work with you to create a comprehensive plan that comprises of devising and implementing landscaping ideas for your entire property, from adding a driveway and parking to installing a porch or a pool in your backyard to grading your lawn.

3. Be Aware of the Major Problems of Your Property

Before choosing to hire a landscape architect or a designer, ensure that you know the basics of your property including the problems that you want to be fixed. It could be anything from a sloping hill draining water onto your driveway to your guests never managing to find their way to your front door. In addition to this, share your plans upfront with them so that they have an idea of what exactly you want.

4. Know What You Want & Be Open to Suggestions

We know that it is your home and you may be very excited with new ideas to reflect your style and personality. Nevertheless, remember that a good landscape is a partnership between the designer and you (the owner). So, be open-minded and flexible, listen to what the experts have to say regarding the landscaping ideas, and think before rejecting their opinions outright.

5. Know How Much Maintenance You’re Willing to Take Up

Upkeep and maintenance of landscape require time and effort. How much time you are willing to spend on maintaining it will determine the nature of the landscape design. So, be realistic about how much work you can put in, and wisely choose the landscape designs and plans accordingly.

6. Patience is Essential

Remember that landscaping, particularly involving a garden, requires time, and the results will only show after you put in considerable amount of work. So, do not ask the experts to speed up the process.

7. Trust Your Team of Landscape Architects & Designers

If you hire a professional landscape designer and architect merely to draw up and implement your ideas, you’re missing the point! Discuss your schemes and purposes with them, listen to their suggestions, and trust the experts to do their work in the best possible way.

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