Want to have a flawless backyard landscape for your home but do not know how to go about finding the right landscape designer that can deliver exactly what you want? Read on as we present to you some questions that you need to ask the landscape architects in Toronto, to select a better one from them, suitable for your vision and home.

We surely feel that there are many home-owners who feel like they should have asked these questions before picking a landscape architect in Toronto and avoided the encountered mid-construction surprises.

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Essential Questions that you Need to Ask the Landscape Architects in Toronto!

1. What services do you offer?

You need to prepare their backyard landscaping wishlist in order to ascertain the kind of services they need. The above question will then make you realize that not every landscape contractor will deliver the exact type of services you wish to have for your property. The landscape designers can be divided into three categories, based on the services they offer.

  • Design only

Such designers will only deliver a blueprint as to how your landscape should look and will provide a strong plan on which the constructors can work easily.

  • Design and Build

The designers who offer these services not only provide a strong plan but also look after the installation and purchase.

  • Full service, including a maintenance program

The designers who offer a full service will look after the upkeep of your landscape and keep it ready at all time in addition to providing appropriate landscape designs and installation services.

2. Can I see examples of your past work?

This will also help you to pick a landscape designer who has the required scope of work and portfolio which can show their expertise and finish. Also, every designer has his or her own vision and by looking into their profile of work, you will be able to choose someone who has a similar vision to yourself.

3. What is your process?

Landscape designing process might seem to be overwhelming for you but is simple for an expert landscape architect in Toronto. There are many of our clients who have taken inspiration from Pinterest and have asked us to deliver a similar result. Asking this question beforehand will let you determine two things:

a. If your current space is ready for your inspiration
b. If not, then having a design that is close enough to your ideas

4. What is the estimated cost?

The estimated cost will help you know if your dream project is in your budget or not. While deriving at an estimated cost, the landscape designers ascertain two sets of expenses:

a. Cost of goods
b. Cost of their own services

The total of both these costs will constitute your estimated budget. But the estimated expenses can change if there are any mid-construction changes or new elements added.

5. Are there any ways to reduce cost?

There are two outputs to this question.

a. The designer will try to adjust the design, or
b. The designer will directly cut down the price.

Let’s talk about the latter first. When designers offer such cut-downs or discounts, they are definitely cutting down their own prices of the services they will provide as the cost of the goods and products are going to be the same, no matter from where they buy. This can result in a sluggish job that lacks perfection as the designer may or may not be a professional or may not have a professional staff due to which he or she can bear cutting their own prices. Do not fall prey to their schemes. Try to find someone who can provide better alternatives as far as the landscape design is concerned, to cut down the estimated cost.

There are many who prefer a hardscape as it can save them from backyard maintaining cost. But this will only result in a higher initial cost of installations as hardscape elements are costly. So if you wish to cut down on your estimated cost, try to include more greens in your landscape design.

6. How long will installation/landscaping task take?

The time to complete the whole process of landscape installation depends upon many factors like:

  • The availability of the contractor
  • Delivery time of the materials and greens to be installed
  • Size and scope of the project
  • Weather conditions
  • Unforeseen setbacks

Due to this, do not try to set a date and then ask for the landscape architect to deliver, rather let them give you a time-frame in which they can deliver your desired results.

7. How much maintenance will it require?

Different styles of backyard landscaping require different kinds of care. When it comes to the designing process of your backyard landscape, be upfront with your designer about the kind of upkeep and maintenance you can commit to. The required maintenance and upkeep will keep your landscape alive after its construction.

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