Homeowners tend to overlook energy-efficient landscaping while designing the aesthetics of your home. Energy efficient landscaping in Toronto can cut down your energy bill drastically. You can enjoy all your parties and get-togethers without burning a hole in your pocket.

A right landscape designer can assist you in making a landscape design that is energy efficient while generating an impressive impact. Below we have mentioned a few energy-efficient ideas for your home that can make your home earth-friendly.

1. Reduce your home’s energy consumption with Trees

Trees Landscaping

Trees should be properly positioned because then they can help to lower down the energy cost of your home.

Tress can help to:

  • Cut down 25% of energy cost that goes towards cooling or heating your home.
  • Create a shade that can keep your house about 6-degree Celsius cooler in summer.
  • Keep your lawn cooler with its shade. This can typically help in case of your lawn has an artificial turf installation.
  • Make your air conditioning more effective by keeping a shade on your roof.
  • Establish borders that can create privacy.
  • Create small gathering areas for your family.

Understand your need and plant the right tree at the right location.

2. Try installing a green roof

green roof

Add external structures such as:

  • Covered outdoor dining area
  • Pool house
  • Children’s Playhouse
  • Cabana
  • Pergola or gazebo
  • Garden Shed

Installing a landscape structure can help to:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Green roofs provide extra insulation and cooling.
  • During the rains, green landscape structures release oxygen into the environment.
  • Cut down on stormwater run-off.
  • Reflect away 30% of the total sunlight.
  • Becomes a sound barrier thus decreasing noise pollution.
  • The green roof protects the conventional roofing from wind, sun, heat, rain and more.

3. Use energy efficient landscaping lighting

Replace your halogens with eco-friendly bulbs and lights. You can install:

a. Bulbs


  • CFL: Ideal for outdoor lighting, install CFL for your landscape. CFL Bulbs are 4 times more competent than incandescent lights.


  • LED: Recommended by the most trusted landscape architects in Toronto, LED lights can easily illuminate large estate and structures. These light are about 10 times more competent than incandescent lights.

b. Technology

  • Solar Lights: These lights do not require wiring and charge on their own through the sunlight. They charge during the day and work during the night.
  • Sensors and Timers: Sensors can sense the light and provide light according to it, while timers can help to turn the lights on and off as per your pre-designated time.
  • Motion Activation: Motion activation can help to detect and enjoy lights when you are present there. You do not need to switch on or off, you just have to walk in and out and these lights will work for you.

4. Have proper irrigation


Proper sprinklers can help you with suited garden and lawn care. Sprinklers, when installed accurately and carefully, can bring down the water consumption, while being the most efficient in the task.

The benefits mentioned below will help you choose a sprinkler system over hose:

  • Sprinklers have a modified irrigation schedule that you can set as per the seasonal requirement.
  • Sprinklers can water your lawn while you are away on a vacation.

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