Toronto- the financial capital of Canada and political capital of Ontario is a very significant manufacturing center and a port. The modern Toronto is highly dominated by the service sector industry. The location and geography of the city is a notable factor for its growth. It’s greenbelt and ravine system play a great role in its beauty. A variety of resources can be obtained from this natural geography by the builders to construct or design from. Shale is a raw material which is available in abundance from which bricks are made. This makes the availability of bricks at a cheaper rate and thus city’s most of the buildings are built from this brick. Due to the availability of such cheap raw materials and natural beauty in Toronto landscape design is gaining utmost importance.

In Toronto, landscape design takes into consideration the taste of the people, the space they own and the budget. The process of such designing is undertaken by specialized landscape designers. It is a challenging task though very exciting. The landscape designers analyse the practical and functional aspects that make your dream and vision come true. For this, the landscape designer has to be qualified in architecture and interior designing along with efficient knowledge of plant material. They have that technical, aesthetic and ecological training which helps to maximize the potential and usage of the outdoor space. A professional landscape designer has the capability to create a comprehensive structural layout which will include hardscaping, water usage, plants, and drainage.

The landscape designers in Toronto provide a wide range of services to the people to suit their requirements. It involves many aspects such as landscape consultation, designing, construction, management, planning, material, and workmanship.

The first step in the Toronto landscape design would involve getting the design approved by the owner. A landscape designer works with the natural living flora as well as building materials for its future maintenance and growth and its present look. By his expertise in landscape designing, he makes the home beautiful with the natural environment.

Toronto Landscape Design

Building materials used

Brick has become the most commonly used material for such construction. Many companies in Toronto are localized in selling bricks and such materials. In the city, most of the buildings, commercial and industrial, construction is done with bricks. Although more efficient and reliable materials like cinder blocks, marble, concrete, and aluminium are available some residential buildings are still made of brick.

The companies or designers of Toronto landscape design provide professional services with a qualified consultant who will enable to explore your particular requirement in consultation with its expert staff.

They focus on integrated landscape planning of the property which includes stone and garden landscape elements. They build and design the landscape right from conception to completion which includes outdoor space as well as custom landscape.

The designing step includes consideration of factors such as topography, climate, groundwater recharge, drainage, municipal and building codes, irrigation, soil, conveyance, recreational activities, lightings and furnishings, a habitat of plants, safety and security of the property and other important things.

Many landscape designers are interested in gardening and pursue it either personally or professionally. Some of them merge this interest with landscaping. Gardens are lively after their construction is completed. The connection of landscape management along with the garden direction and its development and care depends on the client’s needs and requirements.

The design of lighting in the landscape needs a creative insight as well as technical skills. It is said that the designer can ‘paint with light’ which increases the beauty of the client’s home.

They also provide the service of supplying seasonal urns and containers so that the outdoors remains fresh and lush green round the year. They also design the outdoor heating and fireplace which includes assorted gas fireplace, wood-burning fire pits and infrared. They also provide custom asphalt and stone sealing which protects the landscape from bad weather conditions and prevents any stains or marks on it.

The designs in landscaping also include sprinklers, lawn irrigation system, sensors, rotors, drippers and spray heads.

All in all, the design of a landscape can only be limited by a budget. There is an immense scope for beautifying your outdoors with a professional landscape design company in Toronto.