Modern design is as much about the outdoors as it is about the interiors. A stunning contemporary home often brings along with it a fabulous patio or backyard that sports a refreshing pool. Whether it is an infinity edge pool that leaves you awe-inspired or a wonderful Jacuzzi and swimming pool combination that brings home the spa experience, dramatic outdoor settings have become an integral part of most houses. Adding a fireplace to this backdrop accentuates the charm of your deck space several folds. I think we can all agree that swimming pools and fireplaces are the ultimate additions to a wonderful backyard landscaping design. But what happens when you combine them in a brilliant way? Picture perfect. A piece of heaven in your own backyard.

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When we design our own backyards we usually try to create an artificial environment that reminds us of the mountains, see the natural world in general. There is nothing like experiencing the beauty of the wildlife and the freedom that comes with it so the perfect dream home should replicate it as much as possible. This way we can bring a piece of heaven into our homes, one that we can enjoy every evening and every day. After all, creating such a stunning backyard with a swimming pool and a fireplace means that you create a landscape that you can enjoy from the inside of your home as well. It’s a wonderful addition that improves the living quality of your home all year round. There is no doubt about the fact that the more money you put in it the better it will look but you’ll be surprised how a very well spent amount of money can make a difference.

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For example, consider using unpolished stones for decorations and perhaps a swimming pond instead of expensive tiles. Combine those with some greenery and you’ll end up with a wonderfully natural and rustic design that changes the entire feel of your home. And definitely, puts you in a better mood every time you see it. You just have to invest some time in it to find the right materials and backyard landscaping pool designs ideas.