A terrace garden also called as roof gardens, living roofs, green roofs is a garden on the roof of a building. Besides the decorative benefit, roof gardens provide food, temperature control, hydrological benefits, architectural enhancement, and recreational use. Apart from the roof, the terrace garden can be created on balconies and other extended areas of a building. A roof garden is a more personal garden than the one on the ground level where you can sip coffee, read and rejuvenate yourself surrounded by water bodies, lush green natural grass, plants, bar, barbecue and much more.

Toronto LandscapeIn rooftop garden, space becomes available for localized small-scale urban agriculture. Available gardening areas in cities are often lacking, which is likely the key requirement for many roof gardens. The garden may be on the roof of an autonomous building which takes care of its own water and waste. Unlike any type of garden, roof garden also needs a detailed plan. Roof gardens look good if they are proportionate with lawns, shrubs, ground covers, sitting area, bar, barbecue and small trees. If you wish, you can also incorporate the concept of water bodies or rock garden or create a shady structure (Pergolas) on your roof garden. The term “terrace garden” can refer to two different types of gardens. In one sense, a terrace garden is a garden which is established on a terrace, roof, or patio, usually in a house where there is limited gardening space. These types of gardens are especially popular in urban areas, and they are sometimes used in restaurants. Terrace agriculture is often the only way to utilize the steep land, and some very ancient examples of terrace gardens can be found in South America and Asia.

Terrace gardens in the sense of patio or rooftop gardens can be ornamental or functional, and they are usually designed with container plants to make the terrace easier to manage. Gardeners can also build raised beds on their terraces for gardening. Sun exposure and access to water are two important things to consider when establishing the garden, as is the goal of the garden.

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