Decks tend to transform your simple back and front yards to a completely new and improved look. They enhance the ambience of the house with relatively low maintenance. The resell value of the house also increases and more than half of the project cost is recovered.

Plan your design before practical implementation of the idea. But first, answer the question ‘why do you need a deck’. Do you wish to have a pool on it or just a place to set, relax, and enjoy the view! Are you thinking about the weekends’ barbecue parties there with family and friends! Once you know the purpose of the deck, it will be easy for you to decide on the design. The phrase ‘measure twice, cut once’ fits very well when it comes to designing of decks for your back and front yards.

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If you do not have a deck at the back or front yard of your house and are planning for one, there are some excellent tips and designs for you.

Deck Designs

Build a deck with various sections, precisely covering all your requirements. An elevation can also give you space underneath. The various areas can be sectioned with partitions or furniture. Deck stairs will also give your design a classy look. Take care of the quality of the deck built. It should be strong enough to bear a heavy load keeping in mind the area and capacity to hold people. You can also opt for a ground level deck design. This will reduce the stress of being over-weight. A floating deck is also another cool option is you wish to have a freestanding space at the back or front yard.

Use Portable Shades

An umbrella or a portable shade can be used to adjust accordingly. This will restrict the sun rays when you are in no mood to bear the heat. You can also enjoy the rains outside. Safety concerns should also be kept in mind with children in the house. These equipment need to be out of their reach. Moreover, railings around the deck also take care of the safety measures giving the deck a nice covered look.

Take Care of Privacy

Even if you do not have close quarters, you would want complete privacy. This problem can be solved either by high fencing or encompassing your front and back yards with plants. This would interrupt outside views. However, you need to take care of the weight as well which might be a concern. Use light-weight containers or fiberglass pots and a mixture of peat moss instead of soil. This will reduce the weight.

Beautiful Accessories

You can decorate the deck according to your taste, style, requirement, and budget. Small stools, designer and colourful sitting arrangements, barbecue equipment (if you plan to have one), a small bar, and a hot tub on the deck could add up to your comfort and enjoyment levels. For winters, you can make arrangements for some warmth with a fire pit. Also, lights can enhance the beauty of the entire place.


Implement easy to change designs, at least for the basic ones such as furniture, chimneys, fire pit, umbrellas, etc. These can change with the weather and season. Hence, they should not be too expensive and easy to move and be replaced with the right fitment based on the weather conditions. Stylish lanterns can replace permanent lights as well giving the place a more artistic look.

These ideas and tips will transform your outdoors into a very comfortable living space with a sense of style and attractiveness. Boost your motivation to implement your deck design as soon as possible. For more details, Contact Landcon – One of the best deck builders in Toronto.

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