One always likes to be sure about the places to visit whenever they are shopping at a new place. The things have to be pre-planned to not miss out on any special place. Are you visiting Canada any sooner? Do not skip out on visiting Toronto which is among the largest cities in Canada. You can also visit Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec, London and a lot many places. It all depends on the amount of time you want to spend out there. Ideally, the best time to visit Canada is either in the season of spring or summer to unleash the real beauty. In case, you have a stipulated amount of time, do not miss out on the beautiful Toronto landscapes. They can altogether land to another world. Opt for a guest house or a hotel room that is somewhere around the South Toronto. It will be easier for you to check out the places from there. Having a guide along with you can help you make the journey more interesting. These are some of the places that a guide would definitely suggest.

A walk at Scarborough Bluffs

Not everyone is aware of this place but it is a breathtaking experience for those who have been here. The cliff here is 90 meters high and long by 15 kms. This Toronto landscape features blue water and a beach like surface. You can either drive to reach the top of this place if you are too lazy. Whereas, the trek lovers can reach by hiking. Carry a swimsuit along if you are planning to swim here. Do not forget to carry your camera to capture all the beautiful scenes.

A View at Toronto Harbourfront Centre

Are you a waterfront lover? This is the just another right place for you. A Harbourfront center occupies around 10-acre of land along the shore of a lake that has a lot to offer for everyone out there – Lake Ontario. Being here at your leisure would be the best as it can give you an experience of refreshing cool breeze. You can also plan your dinner here that would include succulent dishes and glass of wine. Just a perfect chilling experience. Ate too much? No worries. There is ample of space for you to walk along and be with yourself.

Toronto Landscape

Many-in-one – High Park

Being as large as 400-acre land, you can almost spend a full day here. This is considered to be the most beautiful park in Toronto. What so special about it? You would find cherry blossoms, waterfront, gardens, dog park, zoo, sports ground, adventure park and other picnic areas. The ponds in this High Park turn out to be amongst the stunning Toronto landscapes. One of those ponds is named as Grenadier Pond which would definitely make you feel close to nature. Whereas the other one is named as the Queensway that is almost two feet wide.

An Edwardian Era Castle – Casa Loma

You can definitely not skip this majestic castle that forms a lovely Toronto landscape. What’s so majestic about it? A view in the evening would definitely keep you stunned because the castle is lighted up with the neon lights. The castle has well-furnished rooms that can be reached using the secret passages. You can enjoy a walk in this castle and if you would come across the decorated suits, an 800-foot tunnel, towers, stables and more. Also, you can spend a lovely time around the beautiful 5-acre estate garden around this castle.

Natural Paradise at the Toronto Island

Just a 13-minute ferry ride from downtown Toronto can land you to this beautiful Toronto landscape that is Toronto Island. The boats would depart from the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal and Queens’ Quay. A group of 15 inter-connected islands forms this one island. If you are traveling with a person along, you can simply walk or enjoy various facilities available alongside. This includes spending time at the beaches, sports facilities, boating, theater and a lot more.

The Tallest Structure – CN Tower

One more place that you definitely cannot miss out on is the world’s tallest structure that measures 553 meters. A seasonal EdgeWalk is preferable if you are in search of a thrill. Yes, it is risky but this is for those who want to take a view from the top and walk along the perimeter of the roof.