With houses having exceptionally wonderful space in the backyard, look for options to utilize it at the best. It is always a pride factor to invite friends and family during weekends, and get a chance to flaunt about it. A paradise pool in the backyard also can be enjoyed with a little ‘me-time’ with cost-effective measures.

Backyard Ideas for Paradise Pools

Let’s discuss some amazing pool designs which would turn your boring backyard into a happening and most relaxing place for you to be.

Big Space

If you have a large space in the backyard, you can have a long paradise pool. It can be surrounded by trees and shrubs including benches at various depth levels. The entry to the pool can be with steps. Sitting arrangements with covered shades can bring the ease of relaxation beside the pool. Lights around the area can enhance its beauty.

Closed Pool

If the weather conditions are a concern throughout the year, an enclosed pool in the backyard is an excellent idea to implement. If it is too cold outside, you can add a heating system to the water. If the weather is hot, you can avoid the heat due to the shade, and the water can be cooled. Such designs also ensure complete privacy, if that is another concern for you. Sitting arrangements can be as per the requirements, budget, and your taste.

Elevated Pool in the Deck

You can build a deck and have a pool inside it. The design would look beautiful with sitting arrangements on the deck, next to the pool. The deck can be surrounded by small shrubs and flower plants. A fountain can add to the beauty of the design. The deck can separate your backyard garden and the pool, giving it a stylish look.

Creative Designs

Shapes can be given to the pool depending on your creative ideas. Regular rectangle or kidney shapes are very common. You can select any shape you want. Recently, I visited a friend’s place and was stunned to see his beautifully designed backyard with a pool which looked like a guitar. He loved music and his surroundings revealed his taste and style. The lights and selective plants around enhanced the beauty of the design.

A Long Pool

You can go for a long and narrow pool covering the surroundings of the backyard. A large portion can be used for the pool without disturbing the centre of the yard. You can adjust the length and width of the pool according to the available space.

Rock Wall Design and Waterfall

You can create a rock wall design using one section of the pool. Pile up rocks and be creative giving it a natural look. Add excitement to it by installing waterfall. The sound of water dashing over the rocks and falling over into the pool will enhance the beauty of your design.

Landscaping Around The Pool

A pool surrounded by a beautiful landscape is always eye-catchy. Colourful flowers and a lush green section will enhance the design. Moreover, never overlook the significance of good sitting arrangements around the pool. Plan and organize the items keeping in mind your comfort, style, and taste. A poolside bar could also be a good fit.

Lights Enhance the Beauty of a Pool

Lights in and around the pool always augment the ambiance. A certain aura is created by the way light reflects off the pool’s surface. This also works for night-time swim. Add multi-coloured lights with soft whites inside or around the pool. The tress can have beautiful glow lights.

Water Sports

If you are fond of sports or have kids, you can make arrangements for water sports activities in your pool design. It would be great weekend fun to enjoy in a lake-like environment with family and friends. A bar and food arrangements next to the pool, enhance your relaxation and enjoyment periods.

Central Seating

Designs can be as per your taste and style. If you have enough backyard space, you can also opt for a big pool design with the seating arrangements made inside the pool. This would give you a feel of being into the water while sitting dry.

Today, having a pool in the backyard is not just to be in the water for a while. It is more of a creation added to a place to enhance your mood. You can sit there, relax, and enjoy with your family and friends. When you think of a paradise pool for your backyard, do not just stop with the idea of traditional styles. Think beyond!

Depending on your style and taste, many more designs are available for you with easy implementation. Contact us with your idea of a paradise pool and your backyard dimensions, we will help you in creating a dream pool landscaping design in your backyard. For a details discussion, you can CALL US NOW!